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Help With Convincing My Mom About A Motorcycle?

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Help With Convincing My Mom About A Motorcycle?

Postby Mike » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:34 pm

I'm 19, and haven't had my own vehicle yet. I've driven plenty enough and am very comfortable with driving cars. But here's my problem, I really want a motorcycle, like a street bike, like a cbr 600 or gsxr 600. I've never ridin a street bike before, just dirtbikes. But besides that I really want a bike. Not only because there fun but cheaper on gas, insurance is way cheaper with just liability and cheaper to fix. My mom says I should get a car first for back up in case it's raining really bad or I'm wanting to do something with friends. But I look at it like this, if I get a bike first, ill be able to save up for a car faster than if I were to get a car first and try saving for a bike. And of course my mom is worried about me crashing or something happening but I'm not to worried about it. My drive into town is 17 miles of a two lane road and once you get into town there isn't tons of traffic. I live in southern Georgia and summer time is coming up, so I think it would be the perfect time to get a bike and I'd have enough money saved up for a car by August.

But my mom says all those reasons arnt important. She says I need to give her one legitimate reason why a bike would be better to get before a care. I can't think of one because I've never had a bike and don't really know anyone that has one either.

So please any answers are appreciated, because I really want a bike. I'm to picky when it comes to cars and I wanna spend 7 grand on a car when I could spend $3500 on a new bike.
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Help With Convincing My Mom About A Motorcycle?

Postby Bernhold » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:07 am

"I might be more educated about motorcycles than you"

Life lesson one, If you are going to ask for advice about something you literally know nothing about, it is best to try not to come off as a self centered little spit.
Saying you are "not your average 19 year old that just wants to get on a bike and do 100+ mph the first time.." means you are exactly the average 19 year old kid who wants to ride like a jackass.
Psych 101.

Second Life Lesson: Almost every 19 year old male is enamored with the race class motorcycles, like the cbr's and gixxers.
These bikes are not appropriate for rookie riders, and not amount of dirt experience compensates for real world riding on the roads.

Third Life Lesson: Motorcycles are not cheaper to operate than cars.
This is fact.
The only exception is for economy bikes such as the cbr 250 and ninja 250.
These bikes are plentiful, have relatively cheap tires, low maintenance costs, relatively cheap insurance, and can be picked up used for almost nothing.
Notice you mentioned highly tuned maintenance heavy, tire eating, race bikes that are quite expensive to insure.
Not to mention very poorly suited for commuting.

Fourth Life Lesson: By the time you take the MSF Class, buy a helmet, jacket, gloves, armor, a rain suit, saddle bags, insurance, registration, taxes, and tires every 6-8k miles, you will likely not be able to save for a car nearly as quick as you may think.

Fifth and MOST Important Life Lesson: What Mama Says, Goes, as long as you are in her house.
This is simply respect for your mother, and should be shown accordingly.
You may gain headway by taking the msf class on your own, buying all of your own safety gear before getting a bike, and then choosing a class motorcycle that is not responsible for the majority of single vehicle motorcycle accidents (read rider error kills you).
From your mother's perspective, there is no more practical vehicle than a car.
A car will get you there safer than a motorcycle, will likely be cheaper to insure and maintain, and will be a much better form of transportation in inclement weather.
Present your case in a level headed, objective manner to your mother, making compromises about style of bike, and prove that you are taking a responsible approach to motorcycling, and you may win her over.
If you, you simply must wait until you are on your own, and then can get what ever bike you want.
The choice is yours.
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