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Help!! Wife Is Having Long Lasting Exreamly Heavy Menstural Cycle.?

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Help!! Wife Is Having Long Lasting Exreamly Heavy Menstural Cycle.?

Postby aekley » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:55 pm

She has had extremely heavy bleeding for 3 and a half weeks.
So heavy she is soaking through 6 pads and her underware in about 2 hours time.
She also says she can't go pee anymore.
She says she has to go. But no matter how hard she tries nothing comes out. She has to go bad. She cries because it gets so uncomfortable.
When it finally dose come out its a very slow and weak stream.
She has been to the ER.
They did nothing. Just did a blood test, said her blood count was fine go home.
She called her doctor, her doctor isnt intrested in seeying her either.
She dosent have insurance.
Maybe this is why nobody cares? Honestly i have lived in this area for years. Some of the worst doctors i ever seen are around here.
If they cant write it on a prescription pad then they aren't interested.
Also her left breast has tripled in size. In this amount of time.
No change in the right breast.
Obviously something more serious is going on here then your simple heavy period. She is usually always very regular and very light. Last night her left ear started bleeding. She walks up out stairs and is out of breath fir a good ten mins.
We cant get any of the doctors to listen.
She has begged and pleaded for anwsers and nothing has been done. Only a pointless blood test. No exam, no nothing.
Nobody cares around here.
We need answers and nobody is helping us :-(.
They only care if you have insurance. And they also only accept the insurance that they sell which is 340 dollars a month per person and from what i hear it dosen't cover much of anything. My mom went in with this insurance and got a bill for 8 grand. She only went in for an x-ray.
Its totally insane around here. I can get an x-ray back home for 75 dollars. It just crazy around here.
We don't know what to do anymore. Something is wrong and nobody will help us.
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