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Help Plz? Should I Go To A Doctor?

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Help Plz? Should I Go To A Doctor?

Postby Jeramie » Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:07 pm

I've had mild chest pain and short breath for a month now. I already went to the ER when it first started, though all they did was chest X-ray and check my vitals. They said that I was ok, that it wasn't asthma, and that my lungs sounded great. So now it's been a month and it still feels about the same. I'm always yawning to try and get a satisfying breath but it hardly ever works... When I excersise hard my chest will hurt really bad. And I don't know if this is just mental but it will feel like my heart is racing and beating irregularly.

I've only been to a doctor a few times in my life. So naturally, it makes me nervous. When I went to the ER a month ago, I tried to keep calm but ended up shaking, getting tingly hands, and getting lightheaded right while being enterragated by a doctor. So embarrassing...

Ok so to the point...

Is this bad enough to see a doc for? I have good insurance but my family is still Gunna have to pay something. And we really can't afford anything... Plus my mom hates doctors and I'm going to have to convince her to take me... And even if I did go its Just going to stress me out...

And there's a good chance it's something simple like a pulled chest muscle...

I have no idea what to do... Am I just being over sensitive???
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Help Plz? Should I Go To A Doctor?

Postby Michon » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:17 am

No matter how much you may hate doctored you must go.

I had the same symptoms, I thought it was just from a heavy meal but, then I became short of breath then passed out.

On the wayto hospital I went into cardiac arrest. To cut a long story short.

I needed triple bypass. Even after that they didn't think i would survive.

Please you don't want to go though what I did.
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Help Plz? Should I Go To A Doctor?

Postby Marlon » Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:55 am

could be asthma, a respiratory or cardiac issue, or stress and anxiety. i would go back to a physician.
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Help Plz? Should I Go To A Doctor?

Postby Drayce » Sun Apr 02, 2017 12:56 pm

If you have been having pains in your chest for that long you should most definitely go to the doctor so they can check everything out and make sure you're okay. Even if it is, you're better off feeling silly for being worried than letting a serious health problem go any longer. It could very well be anxiety, but it is more than worth finding out for sure. I have heart palpitations from time to time and I have had my heart race and pound for no apparent reason in the past, which I got checked out and I guess I'm fine..My point though.. feeling these things and having anxiety has made me worry about my heart more than a few times.

I started a new medication not long ago and I was lying down to go to sleep and my heart started racing, so I got up and suddenly felt light headed and my hands felt all tingly and clammy. That part and my vision seeming somewhat altered frightened me the most. It was like I was gonna pass out. I thought something was seriously wrong. I walked downstairs through the house feeling this way (trying to stay calm) to grab a little o2 monitor I have and my oxygen level was okay but my heart was 114bpm.. I called my mom and told her.. kept check of my heart rate and talked to her for a few minutes until I relaxed and things went back to normal.. Just an anxiety attack.

So the pains in your chest may be something harmless and it can feel worse with worry added to it.

I apologize for my long-winded-ness. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about, but anytime you are dealing with pain that could be something serious, it is best to go find out. Best wishes to you
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