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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Arielo » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:17 pm

Hi, I'm 17 in a week & will be starting my driving lessons. I have my theory booked for a few days after & aim to pass in around 6 weeks, depending on the waiting list for the test, having 3-4 lessons a week. Driving a car isn't a problem for me, have had plenty of practise on tracks in my dads weapon ;) & have for the last 8 weeks or so been going to an empty industrial estate one or twice a week, driving my mums cooper S or occasionally my uncles M3. Just need practice with the ways of public roads from my instructor. Anyway, as you can probably tell I've had a fair bit of experience driving fairly fast cars, so thats where i need advice - can anybody suggest any fairly fast cars that are reasonable to insure? or any cheap insurance company's, or any ways to get insurance down, as long as they aren't completely ridiculous lies, I want to keep it as legit as possibly ideally. So far I've been quoted £1600-ish on a standard golf on my mums insurance, but ideally want something a bit quicker then that. My budget for a car + insurance overall is £4-5k. My ideal car would be a GTI, anybody know where i can insure one cheap-ish?

ALSO, *PLEEEEASE* no do-gooder's telling me it is 'fronting' to go on my mums insurance, I am well aware of this, however I am also aware that if the car is registered in my mums name with the DVLA, then they don't have a leg to stand on. I have checked this with one of my mums friends, a solicitor. Also, nobody telling me that I 'wouldn't be able to handle the power' or that I'd 'kill myself', believe me, I'd smoke you ;).

Sorry its a bit long, please help! :-)
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby haslet » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:55 am

@Johnny DJ, thanks for the info & not patronising me about it!

With regard to whose name to insure under, I have found a company that lets you build NCB as a named driver, and I think it was about 5k just to insure it in my name! :(

And diesel was something I hadn't really given much too to be honest, but I think I'll shop around & have a look at diesel cars in general if they have cheaper insurance!

And I'll also look at those Clio's, I'm not too keen on French cars styling wise & due to bad reputation for been unreliable, however with diesels been much more reliable than petrol in general anyway I think I'll give it a look! Thanks again!
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Doogan » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:55 am

tl:dr, but you ain't getting a GTi at 17 no matter what you think, and your infantile attitude proves why teenage boys don't get to have cars like that.

Prepare for a very ego-bruising wake up call.....

EDIT: You kids just don't see it, do you. 17 years old and you think you're f***ing Lewis Hamilton. No wonder insurance for your age group is 10 times what it is for mine.

"Also, nobody telling me that I 'wouldn't be able to handle the power' or that I'd 'kill myself', believe me, I'd smoke you ;). "

That statement proves what an immature little t0sser you're going to be behind the wheel when/if you ever get as far as having a driving licence.

Don't take my word for it, time will prove who's right....
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Aston » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:07 pm

Compare insuran ce quotes
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Gaarwine » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:09 pm

I look forward to reading your obituary in the none too distant future.

That's the only thing likely to happen with a fast car and your smug, self-satisfied attitude, I'm afraid.

Death is nature's way of telling you "You aren't the good driver you think you are!"

25% of all fatalities are in the 17 to 24 age range. Why? Because stupid young men think driving fast on a track is like driving on the roads. This is why your insurance will be so high it'll be like you've been wedgied!

Dump the moronic, stereotypical attitude and get realistic. Buy a cheap, boring run about and live past 24. Your crippling insurance will come down (if you don't die) and by then you should have max no claim bonus. (Max no claim? On what you've written? Ha!)
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Dagon » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:13 am

Right, this is tyrone's father - and I'd just like to say I'm shocked at what everyone's saying to say the least. One person provided a decent answer trying to be helpful, the rest decided to be stuck up c*nts, stereotyping my son! I'm his father, and if my only child was to kill himself on the road, then I'm the one losing everything, not you, so if I'm confident he woulndn't drive unsafely, I fail to see why you judgemental wankers do!!!!!

With the regard to the person who said cars were less powerful back in the day, you clearly do not know what your talking about. A sierra cosworth had about 220 hp if i remember right, a golf gti has about 130. in 2 things i expect weigh roughly the same thats a BIG difference. please educate yourself better about the subject you are trying to preach to my son about.

And then another judgemental arsehole, who seems to think they know my son. hes not going to treat roads like a track, id kill him! & im not trying
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Cesar » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:17 pm

Try https://tr.im/vLGce
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Archimbald » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:14 pm

.................and 17 opps sorry, 16 year old boys wonder why they have large insurance premiums and a bad reputation for driving . Any decent law abiding insurance company reading your questions wouldnt touch you with a barge pole.
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby alarico98 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:16 pm

Words fail me. Some very good answers already in this thread, I suggest you take heed. Public roads are not a race track - you'll be driving a completely different way (hopefully) when they give you a licence... You can't compare driving on a track to driving on roads where you're potentially lethal to anyone you come across. POTENTIALLY - as is anyone, given a momentary lapse in concentration, or an environment they're not used to. Over-confidence with little experience on public roads is a killer.

Your attitude IS smug and self-satisfied, and to be honest this general attitude of 17yr old boy racers gets on my bleeding nerves. That's an incredibly mature attitude to have towards people who know what they're talking about on this forum. Maybe one day when you're a little bit older (and maybe typing from your hospital bed once you've crashed your GTI after "smoking" someone) you'll understand what the mainstayers of this group are saying to you. Your general attitude is infantile - seems like you can't take criticism. Also, you shouldn't be comparing yourself to your dad or your uncle when you have no road experience. Who's to say you couldn't crash and kill yourself the day after your test?

I'm sick of paying stupid amounts for the past three years to insure my own car, dodging idiots in their XR3is and chavved-up Corsas on the way home from work, and having young lads in cars impressing their girlfriends by undertaking me at 60mph as I'm indicating to move left into the next lane.

As an insurance salesgirl, it actually pains me to have to say "It will cost £5000 to insure your son/daughter on this Clio you bought for them." When a parent has unwittingly spent £2000 on a car for their 17 year old, then struggles to get reasonably affordable insurance for them, it's not a nice thing to have to explain.

By the way, if you go on your mum's insurance, your mum will not be able to use her NCD on "your" policy because you can't use it across two vehicles. You'd still be starting from scratch, and to be honest it wouldn't be much (if at all) cheaper if it was in her name. Insurers have started charging more for policies with a parent as the main driver in many cases. I did a couple of test quotes in my first year of driving, and it worked out cheaper for me to get my own policy with me as the main driver (as opposed to my dad insuring the car for me and putting me as the main driver - again legal. Main driver made very, very little difference here). WHEN you get caught for fronting (I can't stress WHEN enough - insurers make random checks through the year, asking for licences etc, at the start of the policy or partway through the year), you will most likely end up with 6 points for driving without valid insurance, possibly having your licence revoked, severe difficulty in obtaining insurance in the future (not just you, but the parent who was fronting for you, AND your whole household will be added to an industry fraud database). If you had a smash, you and your parent would be investigated thoroughly and WHEN fraud is identified, your insurance would be voided and you'd be personably liable for thousands of pounds. I'm not being a do-gooder, I've seen this happen - I don't want you to fall for the same trap. This is the difference between saving a few quid now, and potentially THOUSANDS for you and your family in the future.

Your mum's solicitor friend is completely incorrect - registered keeper is by no means the person who drives the vehicle the most. You'd have a bloody tough time explaining why your mum drives two vehicles more than you drive just one - odds are completely against you. Search up how fraud convictions can affect you - your choice if you want to live with this. Fraud convictions can lead to extreme difficulty in obtaining insurance, credit and work in the future.

Of course, you're not going to listen to me because you already seem to think you know the world and the way it works inside out at the ripe old age of 17 - oh wait, you're only 16 sorry. My industry, experience and legal knowledge are far inferior to you, obviously!
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Help! Car & Insurance For 17 Year Old.?

Postby Edison » Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:16 pm

@maia, my attitude is not smug and self satisfied, driving is simply a hobby for my - i really do fail to see anything wrong with that! As for me dieing, I really don't think you know what your talking about, I don't even know why I'm bothering to reply to you! My dad has just turned 40, his first car was an xr2, and my uncle (fathers younger brother's) first car was an rs cossie! (you may have to google what these are, you seem to be pretty uneducated in the subject you are talking about). Fast cars are just a thing in my family, and both are encouraging me to get one, and think its really unfair I'm not going to be able to because of the ridiculous insurance prices - they wern't that high when they were 17 and neither of them ever crashed!

As for 25% of deaths been 17-24, yes I really can see why. Please do not confuse me with somebody who is going to drive like an idiot, another common beleif in my family is that young people drive like idiots because they
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