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Health Insurance For Unemployed, 59 Years Old?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

Health Insurance For Unemployed, 59 Years Old?

Postby Kearn » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:44 am

My dad has high blood pressure (along with some heart stuff) and takes an array of medication daily. my sister and i have recently both passed the age of 18, my parents are no longer eligible for medicaid. they are both unemployed, my mom gets 1,800 a month from unemployment, and most of it goes to bills, and the rest is barely enough for food. we are looking for options for health insurance for my dad because he needs to take his medication. medicaid does not cover those under 65 (he's 59), or those without children under 18. the costs of the plans i've been looking at are around 200 or 300 a month, but with very high deductibles, 2,-3,000, and we don't have that much money anywhere. is there another option?
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Health Insurance For Unemployed, 59 Years Old?

Postby Aldan » Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:26 pm

Since dad no longer qualifies for Medicaid, it's highly unlikely that he'll find any kind of decent plan even at DOUBLE the rates you are quoting, with DOUBLE the deductible.

Keep in mind, $2,000 is NOT a "very high" deductible.
$200 a month for a 59 year old with heart issues, is a limited benefit plan.
NOT "real" insurance.
For a low/no deductible plan in MOST states, a FAIR rate, is going to be darned close to $1,000 a month, at his age, with his issues.

I'd suggest he looks for a part time job at Walmart or Starbucks or something, so he can have access to health insurance through his employer.
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Health Insurance For Unemployed, 59 Years Old?

Postby Halliwell » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:27 am

First, I think you are getting confused with Medicaid and Medicare.
Medicare is the government plan that becomes your health insurance when you turn 65.
Medicaid is health insurance for those who have limited means.
It sounds like your parents would qualify for Medicaid.
Medicaid is amdministered by the states and rules and regs vary in each state.
You should check your states insurance department and speak with someone there to find more information on Medicaid.

An individual health plan would most likely be medically underwritten, and due to your father's health conditions it is very likely he wouldn't qualify or it would be very expensive.
Since he has pre-exisisting conditions than he may qualify for the federal high risk pool, which you can find out information on by going to www.pcip.gov.

Good luck in your quest.
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Health Insurance For Unemployed, 59 Years Old?

Postby Attewater » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:34 am

$1800 a month is a huge amount from unemployment insurance. If you are over 18 you and your sister can now go to work and help out. Your dad should buy insurance before he turns 60 because it is harder to buy and costs more after 60. Deductible of $2000 is average and $200-300 for insurance every month is also normal. You have to pay for a deductible when you are not working. Your Dad may have to pay more when he takes a physical exam because he has pre-existing conditions. When the 2014 insurance mandate begins he can get a reasonable priced policy but until then, if he cannot work, he should apply for SSDI which comes with Medicare after 2 years. His option is to go to a community clinic for care and pay cash. It is cheaper than a private doctor.
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