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I Have An Important Question, Please Help Me?

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I Have An Important Question, Please Help Me?

Postby wyciyf » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:20 pm

Hi my name is Kevin & I am one of Simon's good friends using his account. I am 26 years old. So a few nights ago, I did something very stupid. I was driving trying to get home when they closed down an exit to 94 west where I needed to go to get home because I had to work in the morning. So I stopped & asked for directions & some people told me a few different places to go to hit other 94 west exits. I found two other exits for 94 west & both of them were closed off as well.

I was so tired of this & I have been dealing with road construction for days. I just wanted to go home because I was getting tired after my date with my girlfriend & taking her home. There was hardly anyone around & I saw a way I could drive through the barrier pretty easy & so I did which was a mistake. I almost made it to where I needed to go & then out of no where, I get pulled over by a cop. I stopped right away & the cop tested me to see if I was drinking any alcohol & I wasn't. I told him that I was very sorry for what I did & that I was only trying to get home. I gave him my driver's license & insurance card & he ran it.

The cop then gave me a complaint/summons state of Minnesota, Minnesota state patrol with a citation number. I do not have to go to court because he did not check the box. This is my first ever offense. I have a clean record for driving, no speeding tickets or anything. The cop told me to call the number & pay the fine & I told him that I will do exactly that & I apologized again for my stupidity. The cop then showed me a way out & he told me to take 35W & take another exit there to get home. & so I did.

I am just so very disappointed & ashamed of myself for being so stupid & making such a dumb mistake. What was I thinking? I am such an idiot & I made such a stupid mistake. Tomorrow I will call the phone number & pay the fine. The cop said that it would be around $150 bucks. I can't eat or sleep properly & this has been bothering me for the last three days since it happened. My question is, will this go on my record after I pay the fine? I don't want my insurance to go up or anything & I don't want my parents to find out about my stupidity either because I am under their insurance. I always want to have a clean driver's record. I will pay the fine because I just want this whole thing to just go away & I will never do anything this stupid again. I learned my lesson. So should I keep worrying & stressing out about this? I can't eat or sleep! :( What advice can you give me! Please be nice! Thanks for your help & answering.
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I Have An Important Question, Please Help Me?

Postby Elwell » Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:56 am

It's a moving violation so probably but I don't know. Your insurance might go up but your parents won't know it's you unless they call and ask why.
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I Have An Important Question, Please Help Me?

Postby Yehudi » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:23 pm

If you plead guilty, it absolutely will go on your record.
Thing is, after a few years, nobody will care.
Your insurance goes up after a moving violation, but after enough time (usually about 6 years), they don't consider it important in figuring out how risky you are to insure NOW.

Some states have a program where you can take a defensive driving class instead of taking a guilty plea.
I don't recall if Minnesota is one of them.

If that doesn't work, you probably need a traffic attorney.
It would probably run more than $150, but he might know a way to keep this off your record.
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I Have An Important Question, Please Help Me?

Postby Cenewig » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:29 pm

did you get the notice in the mail, and does it say anything about eligibility for traffic school?

if it does then you can take traffic school so your insurance doesn't go up.

did my traffic school online with gototrafficschool.com and used a discount code: X2K-7CF-4F5 and saved their course.

for the finals, i searched traffic school answers 2012 and found a reviewer and studied it, before taking the test.
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