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I Have Divorced Parents; My Dad Lives In Florida And My Mom Lives In Minnesota...?

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I Have Divorced Parents; My Dad Lives In Florida And My Mom Lives In Minnesota...?

Postby Morven » Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:18 pm

... I used to live in Florida but moved 4 years ago before I started high school to Minnesota. I have lived with my mom my entire life but I would also go visit my dad often. I recently graduated from high school. Over the past 4 years in Minnesota, I have made amazing friends, friends that I'll never forget, and considered Minnesota my home. I feel like I have to pick sides with my family, my mom doesn't like my dad and vice-versa. It also doesn't help that my step mom talks bad about my mom every time i'm around her. I had just moved back to Florida because I have never lived with my dad before and I thought things would turn out great. I'm going to college but I am so unhappy. I love my dad very much but I don't think I can handle living with him anymore because of my step mom. She also has a son who is 23 years old and is treated like he is royalty; he can do no wrong. He lives in our house too and sleeps all day and parties at night. I'm so sick of being blamed for not cleaning the enitre house, including her sons' room, eating all the food (which the trash is in HIS room) and not paying for anything (which I am paying for my college so my dad told me I didn't have to give him $50 a month for car insurance but my step moms' son has to pay every month.) She accuses me of not helping out around the house and I feel like I can only go home when she's not there or when she's asleep. I recently just visited my mom and my friends from back home. I miss everything about home so much and I really want to transfer colleges from Florida to Minnesota. The only problem is that I always feel like I have to pick sides but I want to make everyone happy. I don't want to hurt my dads feelings, and I know for a fact that if I did leave my step mom would talk crap about me because that's what she did with my brother and my sister. But I think that me being unhappy and keeping it all inside me isn't good for my health at all. I just don't know what to do...
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I Have Divorced Parents; My Dad Lives In Florida And My Mom Lives In Minnesota...?

Postby DubhgMl » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:40 pm

Your step mom seems like an *** and probably already talks bad about you. I feel like your dad will understand your choice and if someone makes a commitment but cares to much of the past like this (not like if you were convicted of murder or rape) then she really isnt worth it.
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I Have Divorced Parents; My Dad Lives In Florida And My Mom Lives In Minnesota...?

Postby Halsig » Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:49 pm

I grew up with my mothers and fathers combating. we actually had to pass to the middle of nowhere while i became into around 7 because of the fact Dad could scream so loud the associates could pay attention each and every thing. He tried to kill himself in front of me, just to be manipulative. i think of i will have been around 13 while Dad threatened to kill mom and that i called the police on him. They divorced while i became into 15, yet not in the previous i began slicing. i became into homeschooled, and that i enjoyed unlikely to public college, yet issues have been given distracting with each and every of the chaos. It took diverse attempt on my section to get issues completed, and that i by no potential relatively had friends, yet i don't think of i could have been happier in public college. i'm not social now, and that i wasn't then. My sister is stressful, yet she's ok most of the time. i'm sixteen now, so my early life isn't particularly over, yet i don't innovations something that got here approximately. i comprehend no person is ideal, and that i comprehend what i'm able to. i comprehend i will upward thrust up for individuals while i individually desire to. This tale isn't completed yet, i've got nevertheless have been given a sprint over a 365 days of early life left.
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