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Has This Ever Happend To You Or Someone You Know?

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Has This Ever Happend To You Or Someone You Know?

Postby Humbert » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:55 am

my boyfriend and I are planning a vacay .. leaving. g june 4th thru the 11th. he told his boss the begining. to middle of february he will need the week off. she said she will see what she can do and she will not be looking at anyone's vacay requests til may .. when were leaving in june. in my opinion.. how do you run a bussiness like that, but thats besides the point. luckilly, my grandma is allowing us to use her timeshare, so our hotel will be paid (if we cancel, its not like we loose the money.. we can just travel at a diff. time) im more concerned abt the airfare prices rising. he isnt too pushy .. and i looked into flight insurance and they said our reasoning for maybe not be able to make the flight arent legitmate (they flight insurance only covers if your laid off) has anyone put in for vacay, planned a vacay and then was denied your vacation time?ughh. im anxious and madd. lol
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