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I Got A Ticket For Disregarding A Signal, But There's No Proof What Can I Do?

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I Got A Ticket For Disregarding A Signal, But There's No Proof What Can I Do?

Postby Waldo » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:20 am

Ok, so I got a ticket last night for running a red light. The thing is, that the light wasn't red. It was yellow until I was halfway into the intersection, which according to local law(and national law as far as I know), means that I did not run the light. The cop behind me went through the light after me and pulled me over claiming I ran the light of course, but when I asked for proof or if I could see the dash cam or anything, she was unable to produce any evidence. Now its her word against mine since I don't keep a dash cam running in my car(though I'm starting to think it might be a worthwhile investment after this incident). I'm just curious about my options. Is there any hope of winning this is court? Since neither of us can provide any evidence I feel like its really a wash and the judge will side with the cop no matter what I say.

I have a pretty good driving record, but because my job requires me to have a good record and because of my insurance, I obviously want to maintain that record and save my job and my low insurance. Here is a hypothetical argument I wrote up just in case I decide to fight this in court:

On the 25th of January, 2013 at approximately 10 pm I was accused of driving through a red light. According to the officer, I disregarded the signal and I saw in my rear view mirror as she followed me through the light with no emergency signals or siren on. At the point of her passage, it was indeed red.

Let me pose two questions before I continue my account.

First, How Is it safe for her to disregard a signal in order to ticket another driver whom she is claiming is guilty of the same offense?

Second, knowing that I saw a police cruiser in my rear view mirror, what kind of logic would there be for me to disregard a signal and the law? To me, that would make no sense, and it is something that I would never do.

In continuation, this ticket is based solely on her word. She claims that I drove through a red light. She has no proof of this and even admitted that she had no dash camera which could prove her claim, she could have said I was drifting around the corner in the icy snow at 40 mph and it would have been just as meaningful and truthful as her claim that I traveled through a red light.
Which is to say not at all on either account. I do not intend to sully this officers reputation and I believe that she truly thinks she saw me run that light. But she is wrong.

My official statement of what happened is this: I approached the light at roughly 30 mph, it turned yellow, I identified the amount of distance between the light and my car and the distance that it would take for me to stop in the snow. I then looked in my rear view mirror and saw the police cruiser behind me. I determined that I would be able to make the light more easily than I would be able to stop in such a short distance in inclement weather. At that point I continued driving toward the light with about 2 seconds left on the yellow light timer. With one full second left, I entered the intersection at about 15-20 mph. The light turned red as I continued through the intersection. At this point I looked in my mirror again to see the police cruiser drive through a now red light after me. I didn't think much of it, since I knew I was in the right and since it is fairly common to see police officers disregarding the laws of the road in various ways. As I entered the other side of the intersection the police cruiser's lights turned on. I slowed down even more and moved into the right lane. The car followed me so I made a turn and pulled over on a private street with less traffic. I turned my car off, placed the key on my dash and rolled down my window as she got out of her car and walked up.

One final note that I would like to add is that my source of employment keeps me driving in the ________ area extremely frequently and as such I am well aware of how the lights are timed, how they operate at different times of the day, and how long the duration of a yellow signal is at most intersections including the one in question. And I make use of that knowledge to be more efficient at my job while obeying the local traffic laws.

Okay, so that's what I wrote up last night. Let me know what you think. Is it total crap? Is there something that I should change? Is it a pointless argument? Let me know what you think, but keep it civil please. I can handle constructive criticism, but insulting me or my post without providing anything productive for me to work on is a waste of your time and my own. Thanks!
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I Got A Ticket For Disregarding A Signal, But There's No Proof What Can I Do?

Postby caddarik23 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:18 am

(My 7 year-old grandchild shares your name!)

In my experience, you don't have a prayer of beating this one.
Except for speeding on radar, most moving violations are "the cop's word against your word." That's just the way the system works.

I truly see your point regarding going through the light.
Frequently that happens to me.
I could either slam on my brakes and get hit by the car behind me...or go through on the yellow.
It is a judgment call.
Unfortunately, the police officer was behind you.
(Actually, had you stopped, she might have rear ended you!)

My best advice to you would be try to get your case continued to a day of the week that is different from the day to appear in court for the ticket.
If your ticket has you appearing on, say, Tuesday then you know that is the cop's day to appear in court.
Try to get it continued to another day of the week and the cop might not show up. That has worked for me several times over the years.

Good luck.
This is a bum rap!
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I Got A Ticket For Disregarding A Signal, But There's No Proof What Can I Do?

Postby Danila » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:51 pm

I didn't read the middle section of that.

Almost nobody I've ever stopped for running a red light has believed (or admitted to believing) that they ran the light.
I've never stopped somebody for a red light violation when they haven't clearly ran the light.

The officer has absolutely no obligation to show you any evidence.

If you believe the ticket was written in error, go to court and plead your case.
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