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My Girlfriend Had Gotten Into A Car Accident A Few Days Back..?

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My Girlfriend Had Gotten Into A Car Accident A Few Days Back..?

Postby Arber » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:24 pm

My girlfriend had gotten into a car accident a few fays back with me as the passanger. In no way was it our fault. During the car crash my seatbelt had become unbuckled and i slammed my head into the front windshield and i almost passed out. It was hard for me to remember anything for the next day n a half. It seems like ever since the accident my head has been having a throbbing headache every now and then ( bad enough to keep me awake for the whole night) and everytime something gets close to my face and i look at it my head dtarts to have the throbbing sensation and it feels like something is poking at my eyes. Its hard for me to move my head to look at my sides without giving my neck a needling pain in the back region. And my lower back had been feeling like its been in knotts. My hours at work have been cut because of my pain, im normally doing warehouse types of jobs and because of this accident i dont believe i am even able to lift 40 pounds. Now because of this accident i wont be able to even perform at my usual types of work. I have a family and i wont be able to provide for them in the only fields i have experience in.
What exactly can i do? Is their any type of reimbursment for this?
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My Girlfriend Had Gotten Into A Car Accident A Few Days Back..?

Postby Timotheus » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:01 pm

Contact your girlfriends car insurance company to see if she has medical payment coverage or PIP.
It will pay for any medical bills or treatment needed due to this accident, since you were a passenger.
If PIP, some states will pay for lost wages, but in some states, PIP is secondary to any PIP you have on your own auto policy.
Her adjuster will explain if she has any coverage.

You could have a concussion and I suggest you call your family doctor to get into ASAP.
You may also have whiplash, but only a doctor could tell you or not.

(IF), the other drivers insurance company does in fact deem your girlfriend is not at fault, then depending in the state where you live, could be eligible for a settlement for your injuries, which would include reimbursement for your medical bills and lost wages (doctor must state unable to work) plus some pain/suffering.
But,,,,,,this could take months, since if your doctor deems you need treatment, then no settlement will be offered till you are done treating.

Please call your doctor today.
Then after the doctor, call your girlfriends insurance and ask what kind of coverage she may have on her policy.

good luck
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My Girlfriend Had Gotten Into A Car Accident A Few Days Back..?

Postby Konrad » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:05 am

first, your seat-belt didn't come accidentally undone in the accident...you either didn't have it on at all or didn't have it on properly clicked into place.

you have a concussion.

Third. your impact pain will go away in a couple more days, you are not crippled for life.

You could get reimbursed by the at-fault cars insurance company if your claims are legit...and you'd probably have to go to court for it over a certain amount of money I'm sure it won't be automatic.

How about instead you man up, quit girling, and get on with your life.
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