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My Friend Doesn't Have Time For Me?

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My Friend Doesn't Have Time For Me?

Postby Fitzwalter » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:13 pm

My guy friend used to be really close but has gradually slipped away. I even started to feel used, and we had a fight and straightened some things out. He says he appreciates me and isn't trying to ignore me but he's really busy and doesn't have time for hardly anyone, if that helps. He just turned 18 and is working full time and going to an adult school. He's also having a lot of troubles at home and can't pay insurance on his car. I've left him alone more and he responds better when I do contact him. He's going to be working nights now and sleeping during the day. He sounded sad.

Friday he said he had the money to pay me back, and to text him when I'm in the neighborhood. I did and stopped by but he wasn't there. His brother was nicer than normal and said he works 2-10 a.m! I left a message saying I'd be back after a bonfire, but then I was too tired, so I said maybe tomorrow. The next morning I asked when would be a good time. He appologized for missing me and said he needed to try to sleep now, but he'd hit me up later probably. I was nice and he thanked me for understanding. He didn't hit me up though. Should I wait for him or try contacting him? It wouldn't have taken long to hand me money. I'm hoping he's allowing time to hang out a little whenever it is, so I wanna wait until he has time too. And I don't care much about the money.
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