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I found a pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

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I found a pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

Postby forgael » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:28 am

Has anyone gone with Petsafe Insurance? I'm leaning towards that since they seem to not have a problem with any pet's age OR pre-existing conditions. They say they even cover hip dysplasia. I'm wondering if it's a good company and how satisfied anyone has been with how quick they pay the vet.

One of my cats is hyperthroid and we're budgeting $45 a month to cover her meds (for the rest of her life), another is 20 going on 21, he has kidney issues. At $27 a month per cat for the lowest premium I need more info to base a decision on.
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I found a pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

Postby yuvraj » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:34 am

Firstly, all pet insurance in the US requires you to first pay the bill and then submit it to be reimbursed. This allows you to go to any veterinarian of your choice. Also, it saves your veterinarian the extra work of having to contact pet insurance companies and work out the finances. They have enough to do already! :)

While pet insurance can cover a condition that your pet has had before, it does not cover pre-existing conditions. If that were the case, everyone with a sick or hurt pet would sign up and pet insurance would go out of business.
A few examples:
1. Your kitten had some diarrhea when you first got her. You took her to the vet and they figured out the problem and treated it. The diarrhea went away and she is fine. You sign her up for pet insurance. Three years later, your cat gets diarrhea again. Some pet insurance companies will refuse all claims for diarrhea because your cat has had it in the past, but with Trupanion for example, we would cover it since this is a new occurrence that is unrelated to the first one.
2. Your kitten has some diarrhea when you first got her. You quickly find a pet insurance company online and sign her up. In this case, they will not cover the costs of treatment because this condition is pre-existing.

I hope that this makes sense and I encourage you to call customer service for each pet insurance company and explain your situation so that they can help you understand what would and wouldn't be covered.
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I found a pet insurance that covers pre-existing conditions?

Postby chasud » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:36 am

Is this one of those companies that require you to pay the vet bill first hen submit it to insurance company for payment.
Do they pay entire amount.

I would steer clear then. After a deductible you should not pay any thing. On a $1,000.00 bill you will pay $250.00. I would do some more checking and ask loads or you will get stuck like we did.
We put the amount of the insurance, plus 20 dollars every two weeks in a savings account and let it collect interest.
That way we have the money in case of a emergency.
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