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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Aditsan » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:45 pm

Dear Slicksport, I visited the DR in the early 90s with a national and lived with his family in two different places. The DR is like a 3rd world country in most areas. Your best bet would be to go with a government type job to an established medical center. I spent time in the capitol city. The people did not have electricity except when the government decided to turn it on for a few hours per day. Most water is obtained through wells. Children had to walk for miles to attend grade schools. The government section of the city had electricity most of the time(but not always.) the people in that small section of the city were a little better off than the rest. His relatives in that area had a more comfortable home than the others we stayed in. As a white person, I went to areas where they did not usually see white people and they were very shocked. The carker a person is the more they are prejudiced against. My friend and his siblings ranged from light-like Italian to light-skinned black. He had a very dark black friend who talked about being very prejudiced against by the nationals. The government is socialistic from what I understood. the river that went through the city, the main water supply, was charcoal gray.

In the rural area where we stayed the people were open and friendly. No running water or electricity. The small town we came through is some kind of tourist city. The tourist resort area is nice and expensive. The cost of living is much, much less than ours if you live like the people. Learn Spanish! Get your shots! There are not a lot of medical facilities there. Their salaries are low and most people live in poverty, unless they have an education-like lawyers and government workers. When I was there, there were soldiers carrying weapons openly on the streets-if you are prepared for that. Because of the poverty, there is a lot of medical problems and crime. My friend bribed a customs guy at the airport to get a 32" screen tv in for his mother. Voodoo is practiced there-if you are ready for that. Are you aware of some of the medical situations that you would be seeing? I got a wierd rash there and was able to buy some sauve at a local drug store with the help of my friends. Do not drink the water or use any ice! Catch the rain like they do! I got really sick from using ice in one pop. I almost passed out and could barely walk for two days. Thank God my friends mother is a naturalist healer! She gave me a tea made from grapefruit leaves with a large amount of salt in it. It cleared me up by the 2nd day. The country is lush. The people like baseball, as a few of the countrymen have broken out of poverty by going pro.

A sad story. I was visiting other relative's rural home, I saw about a 3 year old girl sitting in the nieghbors yard. I glanced at her at different points of the day, from going in and out of the house and their yard. And the outhouse was in between the two houses. After a 3 hour visit, I commented that the little girl was very quiet and sure had not moved around a lot. She had two older brothers who would go in and out of their house and yard. I had seen her in a few different spots during the day. But I had not seen anyone interact with her for more than a few minutes at a time. They all told me that she had been born with a spinal condition and would never walk. The family did not have the money to take her to a medical Dr. I met her and her family. She liked me a lot. She doesn't talk. She sits in a woven chair that has a whole in the middle for when she goes to the bathroom. It was deplorable. I almost threw up at the idea of her existence. But instead, I spent a few minutes with everyone interacting with her. Something I always wonder about is if she is alive and what her quality of life is, if it ever improved? What would be done with a girl like that after her mother died? I can only imagine what possible abuse might occur.

I visited the local rural school and spoke with two of the classes. There were no maps and only a few things on the walls. They did have some books and there were doors to lock to keep thieves out. Most people still do not get to go to school. I knew and have seen people live in worse conditions, but it is still heart-wrenching to see it. The zoo is interesting, on open model, to see.

That is my overview. I hope that I gave you some insight and some info to consider. I would really check out the situation that you are going to and have a job before you go there. I enjoy latin people and their cultures. It's best to be prepared before you go. Medical people are desperately needed and you could make an impact if that's what you want. If you want to breeze by, pick somewhere else. Most of the 3rd world countries I have been in, there is not running water or electricity even at the hospitals. The emergency rooms usually have plastic over them or are just open to the outdoors, where other people are. Mexico just had plastic. Liberia, Africa the door was open. Russia, they had facilities but no equipment or medicine to give out in their communist way. Most of these countries still wash out plastic tubing used to run blood and medicines-just for an idea.

I do not want to discourage you in any way, just reporting honestly. I am wondering why you would want to go there? Look it up on the web.
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Hardy » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:59 am

I wonder how long ago that was written??? In all my years of traveling there I have never experienced anything like this.
I'll touch upon a few things.
Yes, the electricity does come and go throughout the day (rolling brownouts if you will).
Most homes have generators that will keep your basics working.
The water condition is the same as if you were to go to any country...DONT DRINK TAP WATER.
This is what they tell you when you go to ANY country in the Caribbean or South America.
Same goes for ice.
Unless you're freezing it yourself from bottled water, don't chew it or put it into your drinks (and again, this isn't everywhere, but one must be cautious).
You get used to the brown outs.
I've been there about 7 times at different ages and didn't notice it.
I was too busy playing, talking, catching up with relatives, drinking and all around having FUN to notice that I can't watch TV.

As for the education, we can take a few tips from them.
Education, as in most places, means everything to them.
While they may not have all the tools and resources that we have, its not like 20 kids are sharing one book that was printed in the 1920s.
They are also very serious about their educations.
There's no such thing as a parent going to the school and demanding that their child be passed on to the next grade so that the other children won't make fun of them etc. (as many here in the US tend to do). No, you fail a class, you fail and you will repeat the grade, no if ands or buts.
All schools require uniforms and schedules vary.
You can either go to school in the morning or afternoon.
There is a siesta period between approximately 11:30 and 2 (when the suns the hottest) and most go to school year round.

Medicine: I've lived in the US my whole life...23 years...and I would rather see a medical doctor in the Dominican Republic than here.
The hospitals are large with comfortable accomodations.
And guess what, contrary to popular belief, they went to med school too! (sarcasm..many people wonder if they are properly trained etc, yes they are, and by VERY good school WORLDWIDE...I have a doctor in DR thats been to school in Spain and Yale). Many people I know will go to DR for cosmetic surgery because its cheaper (as with all surgery's the same risk is involved ANY doctor/ hospital you go to).
My aunt recently went to the emergency room here in Jersey after she managed to slice off part of her finger at work.
She arrived at the emergency room at 11AM.
It took till almost 4PM for a doctor to see her.
That situation is unheard of in DR.
And the care is cheaper.
I have health insurance through my job, and still don't pay as much if I were to go to DR where I'm not a citizen or even resident of the country.

Yes you will see some soldiers/ armed guards/ police officers walking around with rifles out, but its usually near a police station, jail, or military station.
As for the prejudice, I've never experienced nor do I know anyone who has.
I recently went on vacation with a group of friends who happened to be African-American and they were treated well but my family and others.
There are places that seem like its a 3rd world country and there are places that are modern and just the same as the US.

I have never had a horrible experience there and I've traveled there by myself, have gone out while there by myself (in the city and 'slums') and have only great experiences there.
If you need anything else more specific to the city you're going to be in, feel free to email me.
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Chatwyn » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:05 am

Hmmm...First of all I just wanted to say I was born and raised in Santo Domingo. I went to high school there and went back a few years ago and worked for 2 years in different companies.

Yes, there is poverty. Yes, there are problems with the goverment. Yes. there are problems with electricity. BUT aren't these "common" problems in third world countries???

Yes, its a beautiful country. Yes, the people are the best! Yes, you can have a "normal" life as long as you have a good job. And yes you can have a pretty good life if you earn at least $3,000/$3500 per month, for a family of 3. You can send you children to very good private schools, live in a pretty nice house..etc.etc.

One of the major expenses here is gasoline and of course food.

I would recommend to own a house instead of renting.

Another thing, you can get extremely good interest rates out of your investments in the banks in DR.

Oh yeah, and the traffic is horrible! ;-) lol...but if you can drive in manhattan then you are in pretty good shape!!

one more thing..THE WEATHER IS AWESOME!!!!!

The only reason i'm not there is because I could not accept earning so little money, even with a "u.s." college degree from a very recognized school here.

Just make sure you have a secure and nice place to live, BEFORE you decide to move there. And that you have a contract with your employer.

BUT I LOOOOVE EVERYTHING about this place. People are beautiful inside out and they are very God concious.

That's my 2 cents.
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Emmanuele » Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:11 am

I'm sure it is not.
We're going in less than a month.
If it was this bad - now, then we obviously wouldn't be spending our hard-earned money there.
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Ranfield » Sat Sep 30, 2017 3:42 pm

in the 90's it might have been worse then what it is now. it a 3rd world country, and it ant the cleanest place, but what this person said 99% was untrue granted i went there twice in a year(sry dont live or did live there) but i also went to santo domingo so i seen how these ppl live. they dont have the medical stuff like what we do so the kids and adults with problems dont get the help they need at least that poor girl didnt have to go to the bathroom on her self!

the DR is beatuful, amazining, and breath taking!!!! go there and u dont need shots the only one u would need is a tentness shot just in case u cut ur self on somthing out side the hotle but all those other one u dont need!!! that person was right about the water but was over reacting about when he got sick(he must have drank a lot of tap water). my parents made a pot of coffee and drank it all using tap water, they didnt fell good for a little bit they just sat around for a couple hours but they could move!!! then they felt fine. dont drink tap water, *bottled water, ice cubs, and water from restronts are fine to drink!!*

if u go to santo domingo you will see kids sleeping on benches and stuff. and they live right on top of each other and the goverment dose turn the electry one for a cuple of hours.

the cop deal they do that i seen it. i belive that is what we should do here in the us, everyone down there is behaved. very little ppl act up b,c of what they go threw, the guns are out in plane view sight and they ant little guns!!

the ppl are very very nice to others. i love the ppl down there. from the city to in the middle of noware there the best!!!!

i wish we could take some ppl here in the us and put them there and make them live like they do to make ppl relise what they have in life that these ppl whish they had!! but there loving caring kind ppl down there, but they make the most out of life no matter what they got.

the kids school some of them do have to walk miles to get to school. i never seen and in side of one b,c when could have gone in there was no school b,c of easter! so i dont know what that is like

just b,c one person said it was very bad dont mean it is. i love it there i want a home down i love it and miss it, i wish i was going bk down with my parent here in a couple of weeks,

but i got some pic if u would like to see some just drop me line!!!!
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Carly » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:28 am

I could assure you that the situation is not as described in the narration of your question; and, it never has been.
I am not saying that there was no hardship in the early nineties, there was a very serious electricity problem that have greatly improved through the years.
Right now there are still blackouts, but they don't happen every day, and when they do they don't last more than a couple of hours (at home we had not had a blackout for the past week, and today we had a two hour one).
It is still recommended to use bottled water; hotels and restaurants have purified water, so the ice is good to use.

The Dominican Republic still has a lot of things that need to improve (we need constant electricity; we still do not have a permanent water supply throughout the country, but a majority has a regular supply of water; medical facilities or care is not as good as it in in rich countries; the salaries are very low; transportation systems are not as efficient as we would like; etc.), as it still is a third world country.
But, it nevertheless has a lot to offer its visitors (it has beautiful beaches, it has a very rich cultural heritage, the first university in the Americas was established here, the first cathedral of the New World was built here, it has got a very good nightlife, there a quite a few museums to visit, and a lot more).
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Aralt » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:30 pm

Things have changed there recently.
If it wasn't for drugs plaguing the country, it would be paradise.
If the current president doesn't take all the money before his term is up, and the next one continues what he started, it will have less poverty than ever before.
Remember, there is poverty everywhere in the world.
It is hard to control.
When I was a little girl, the poor had no clothes or shoes to wear, now it's rare to see one naked.
Maybe up in the mountains.
Just don't help out the drug dealers by being an user when you go there so that we can all enjoy a real paradise!
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For People From The Domnican Republic Or Lived There Is It That Bad Based On What This Person Has Said?

Postby Geraint » Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:02 pm

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