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Feels like somethings stuck in the bottom of my throat?

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Feels like somethings stuck in the bottom of my throat?

Postby shepley » Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:08 pm

okay so this morning i had two pills, and after it felt like one of them was stuck in my throat, so i drank alot of water, and it wont go down. so im pretty sure its not the pill.. the feeling is more towards the bottom of my neck, and it feels like a pea or something, not a golf ball like some explain it, its only been going on for today, ive done some research and ive seen things like throat cancers & tumors but im only 15 (female) i dont smoke on the regular (ive smoked before) not recently... i dont perform oral.. our health insurance isnt the best, so i dont want to go in and it be nothing you know? so should i be worried... any methods? or should i wait a certain amount of time and if it dosent go away go to the doctors.... i just dont want it to be something serious.. also im starting to feel pressure on my chest when i swallow.. HELP
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