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Family Situation - Help Please!?

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Family Situation - Help Please!?

Postby Liberio » Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:29 am

My family and I have been having issues for years. However, my parents never acknowlege their part and always make things my fault. For example, me and my little neice and nephew were playing the Wii, but stopped because my neice went to the bathroom. My mentally and physically disabled little brother then decided to to take the remote and change it to a TV program he wanted to watch. I told him he could use another TV and that it wasn't polite to change it when it was being used. He went ballistic and attacked me, biting me a ripping out my hair. My parents don't punish him. I think they took away the wii for a few days, but my mom told me how they dealt with him was none of my business and they wouldn't tell me what they did. I want to know because I want this type of behavior stopped. They haven't made him apologize and they said the attack was my fault for provoking him.

My mom informed me I couldn't be living in the house anymore the other day. The problem is I have no money and have had some major medical problems (four surgeries in the past two years without medical insurance) She wants me to move into the basement of a house my brother owns. His in-laws are renting the upstairs, and my brother and his family will be there for about a month, as well. The thing is that they will have to find renters in May, because his in-laws are going to move. I think that I will be able to move back in May. I want to move because it is a bad situation, but I am not able to make it on my own yet because I only have a part time job. My mom said I only have a week. I think it would be a hassle to move twice in three months, and it won't fix anything.

What do I do?
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Family Situation - Help Please!?

Postby des » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:46 am

Seriously? Even if it WAS your fault which it wasn't he shouldn't be so violent. Try to stay with a friend or another family member, find a job if you don't already have one, and save up for a house if you're old enough to mve out. If not, emancipation could be the solution IF YOU HAVE TE MONEY TO LIVE ON YOUR OWN! Remember that hardly anyone's emancipation gets approved, but you could get around that I think of your parents approve
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Family Situation - Help Please!?

Postby Roselin » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:42 pm

ask ur job to give u more hours and if that doesnt work, look for another full or part time job and possibly a roommate. if ur mom wants u to leave, u need to or it will cause more problems if u dont. maybe ur parents think it will be less stressful, but im not sure how they can choose one son over another. it seems cruel.
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