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Exotic Animal License In Arizona?

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Exotic Animal License In Arizona?

Postby Reyes » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:03 pm

I have honestly done a lot of research in this, and have found that there are some breeds of foxes that are legal to be kept as exotic pets. Although when it comes to laws about keeping exotic pets some sites say yes and others say no and I don't know what to believe. Can I either get a number for someone to call in the state of Arizona or a honest response on this.

Please no crap about keep the wild out in the wild yada yada. lol I have researched and I know it's a wild animal. I only want one and when tamed Foxes act a lot like dogs. Your comments will fall on deaf ears. I live in a rural town and have five acres of land, I want to just do this legally.
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Exotic Animal License In Arizona?

Postby Coire » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:45 pm

Would like to know more about this too
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Exotic Animal License In Arizona?

Postby Norris » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:04 am

You check two places---your city ordinances first to see what your area bans as 'exotic'. Then you call your Department of Natural Resources and see what state bans are on exotics.
They will also tell you if an animal is federally protected (such as an endangered animal or if the breed is classified as wildlife).

THEN if they allow the kind of fox you wanted you need to find a vet trained in exotics (call your zoo to see who they use) and notify your homeowners/renters insurance to carry a special insurance rider on the animal.
It's not all smooth sailing. You also need a food that will meet all the animal's nutritional needs.
Plus if it's not able to be given a rabies vaccination if it does scratch or bite anyone the animal can be confiscated from you and euthenized by the health department just on someone's insistance that it be checked for rabies.

I know someone whose family raised foxes for fur, each kid got their own pet fox, and they lived with them in the house.
He took his fox to science fiction conventions and ALWAYS had the rabies vaccination papers with him, just to be safe.
His was a silver fox.
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