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Ear Infection Or Ruptured Eardrum?? Help?

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Ear Infection Or Ruptured Eardrum?? Help?

Postby Radburn » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:37 am

My friend has been feeling a little sick all week. I was sick last week and my mom is currently sick with the same thing I had and we thought my friend might have gotten it too. Only early tonight she was complaining about pain and aching in her ear. Just now she woke up and found a little bit of blood in her ear and it is still hurting her really badly. She is also saying her hearing in that ear is muffled and crackling.
Is this just a bad infection or is her eardrum possibly ruptured? Another thing is, we are currently on vacation and she has none of her health insurance with her and the soonest she can get to a doctor is Saturday?? Is it bad to leave her ear untreated for two days?
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