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A dull aching pain on left side near rib cage?

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A dull aching pain on left side near rib cage?

Postby bela » Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:06 pm

I know-- how original, asking health questions on Yahoo! Answers! I've been trying to care for my Mom, she does not have insurance and I can't yet afford to take her to her doctor but if there's enough reason to take her I'll just take her to the ER if need be. She's been having this dull aching pain on the left side ( I'm worried about her heart.) Should I just be taking her anyway, just to be sure, or could this be something not as urgent?
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A dull aching pain on left side near rib cage?

Postby filmarr » Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:22 am

The ER is going to cost a fortune. She probably needs a scan and a blood test to see
if this has to do with the liver, pancreas, and it could even be a vertebrae out of whack
in the lower spine and or neck- bc all the nerves will go off in areas that are not near
the originating area. She needs right diagnosis.

For right now , how about taking her for a shiatsu or acupressure massage- see the mayo
clinic on these- you wear clothes - they work on your spine. These are Asian medical
massages and if you get an authentic one they can tell you in 5 minutes what system in
her body is out of whack. They boost the entire system and are fantastic at pain relief.
I have taken a lot of relatives to these due to back pain, rib pain etc and we like
the shiatsu the best- many times it fixed things for people in one go.

Or go over to homeopath and more.com- fill in the form for you mother with her- this is
an educ. site- see what her top remedy is-then go onto justask.com ask a homeopath-
give him all that info and give him her current symptoms- homeopathy does not look
at a disease name- it looks at the symptoms and the totality of the patient. Remedies
are to erase her symptoms and pain and activate her life force to clear out things.
Remedies are $9 you can get at health stores or online- justask is $30.

I would do the massage first if possible, she will get relief and you will get good info
on where the problem is originating.
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A dull aching pain on left side near rib cage?

Postby joby » Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:18 am

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