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I Dont Know What To Think Of This Situation?

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I Dont Know What To Think Of This Situation?

Postby Deryck » Thu May 18, 2017 1:56 am

i took my daughter father to child support and him and is mother turn thier nose at me because we have a schedule of the baby coming to them half of the week. My perception is that i have full custody, even though they have her from wed-friday and every other weekend doesn mean that her father dont provide me with support. His mother claims that its none of my business of whose providing for the baby when she's with them. Its my busines when things are not 50/50 when they should be. Im the one providing them with the health insurance, im the one providing them with the life insurance, im the one making the doc appt, going to emergency room etc while he does none of these things and its not fair. They claim im keeping the baby away from them and im not. I brought up a point i said what going to happen when she goes to school> are you going to bring her on the days you have her? she claims yes and her son wouldnt mind. yeah right! they live in DC and i will be moving to Maryland its doesnt make any sense why she have to be in two damn near three households. They just dont get it am i wrong for thinking like this? It may be not my business of what they do fo her when she's with them but they sure as hell came the to birthday party I provided for my daughter and none of them scapped up a dime when i planned it not even her dad! matter of fact he didnt come. I told them that its my child not the grandparents and he should be dealing with me on all counts.
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I Dont Know What To Think Of This Situation?

Postby Delainey » Mon May 22, 2017 4:44 am

you are in the right

he is supposed to be contributing to the health care costs, child care costs, clothing, food, and insurance costs for your child

did you notify the court ?

my husband pays child support and pays for health insurance to his ex wife for their kids

take him to court

make him pay

hold your head up - you have done nothing wrong

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I Dont Know What To Think Of This Situation?

Postby Vincenzio » Fri May 26, 2017 7:20 am

i do not understand because you do not say that he is assigned child support.
is the arrangement set up by the court> if so , you need to go throught the courts. if not, see an attorney and go to court. if he is not paying his support, you do not have to let him see the child. go to child services to affirm that.
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