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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby Jerold » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:48 pm

They both make good points, but are a bit off on some of the facts. As long as you eat a healthy diet (meaning a good variety of foods that provide the nutrients you need), then you don't necessarily need a multivitamin to cover your bases... but most Americans don't eat a good enough diet to completely replace a multivitamin. One thing to note is that the RDA is the "daily allowance," meaning the minimum requirements to survive (where if you don't get that much, you'll become deficient over time) while most multivitamins have more optimal doses... it's kind of like saying that you can survive on 2-3 cups of water per day, but 8-10 will keep you fully hydrated. ;-)

Do you NEED a multivitamin? If you have a good enough diet, probably not... but if you're deficient or low on any vitamin or mineral in there, it will give you a good chunk of what you need. Most people consider them cheap insurance policies for health to ensure that they are getting their daily minimums, but they are not miracle cures, nor are they intended to treat anything in particular (which is why some say that they don't feel any different when taking them... you really won't "feel" different unless you were deficient).

Another common misunderstanding is that only a few vitamins are water-soluble (specifically the B Vitamins and Vitamin C)... those are the ONLY ones that will be "peed out" while the rest of them can store up in your body and can become toxic over time (ergo the warning on Iron, which builds up easier than most others). That's why you never want to take more than a bottle of vitamins recommends unless your doctor says otherwise.

With all that being said, each of the Vitamins and minerals (and anything with an RDA) are 100% required by the human body in order to survive and each of them plays a very specific role in health. Calcium is the main mineral that makes up the bones and teeth, Niacin is good for cholesterol support, Vitamin E is good for skin health among dozens of other benefits, and the list goes on. The best way to find out how well you need it is to stop taking it and see if you feel any worse... granted, a deficiency may take months or years to show symptoms if you have a healthy diet, but a poor diet will show symptoms MUCH sooner. Again, you may not need it, but you don't need to buy any of the really expensive ones out there, either, so you could keep taking a cheaper one as a "cheap insurance policy" as many do. ;-) Good luck and I hope I helped!
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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby Beal » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:52 pm

you are able to take the two on a similar time., there are not any area outcomes for this.yet dont take the nutrition pills consistently; take the nutrition pills for 15 days then end taking the nutrition pills for 15 days , bypass on like this.
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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby dealbeorht79 » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:50 am

Yes of course you can always get your bloods checked by your g.p in case you need to increase any particular vitamin
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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby Balgaire » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:59 pm

The short answer - If you have no clue why you are taking them, then don't.
It provides most people with one guaranteed outcome - expensive pee and a false sense of security.
Dump them.
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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby colvyr » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:55 am

My husband and I have gone back and forth about this one for years.
He was a big advocate for taking daily multivitamins.
After a year, we looked back and realized that he was no more healthy/sick than I was throughout the year.
We have an almost identical diet except for the fact that I drink a lot of coffee and he doesn't.
He's gone off the multivitamins and has been off them for at least 2 years now.
He feels great and not noticeably different than he did while on them.
Maybe for some people they really work, or maybe the thought of them working is what does the trick!!
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Does Multi-vitamins Pills Have Any Impact On Our Health?

Postby Chizkiah » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:36 pm

If we have a normal balanced diet, we rarely need vitamin supplements.
In general, we simply excrete the excess over what our body needs so, for may people, taking multi-vitamin pills is almost literally money down the pan.

I too took them for years as an act of faith and noticed no improvement in how I felt, no fewer colds, no less onset of age related ailments ... nothing, just a smaller bank balance.
Luckily, there is more information available now or maybe I am just less gullible.
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