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Cheer Up My Boyfriend Who Was In A Crash And Cant Walk?

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Cheer Up My Boyfriend Who Was In A Crash And Cant Walk?

Postby Molimo » Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:19 pm

Yesterday my boyfriend of nearly two months crashed his moped into a car, went over the top and hit a wall. He broke his kneecap and tore 2 muscles in his other leg. The hospital said it could roughly take 6-8 weeks for him to be walking again. He used to come to mine everyday on his moped to see me as well as going to school which is miles away and getting evrywhere on it really. He also used to just ride around, even if he didnt need to be anywhere. It was his life. His bike is completeley smashed up and i think the crash was his fault so the insurance wont cover it. He can't move below the belly button but hopefully this is just temporary. He is really depresed just laying in bed not being able to move he won't let me go and see him because hes embarresed. I really want to see him I miss him so much and am so worried about him. I really need help and advice on how to get him to let me go over to his and also how to cheer him up. im scared hes going to push me away because of this and break up with me. Please help!!!!!! thanks in advance :) p.s. we are both only 16 and we live in the UK.
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Cheer Up My Boyfriend Who Was In A Crash And Cant Walk?

Postby Renfrid » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:38 am

ive been in 5 vehicle accidents; only one was my fault, but i was the only one injured......a side efect of this trauma is a depression; you cant do anything about it...it has to run its course.
stop trying to smother, pester, talk to, tell him its all going to be ok, or doing anything that seems instinctively the thing to do.
just tell him youre there for him and get him whatever he needs.
be supportive but dont smother him; its annoying and will get him angry.
bring a book and stay in silence with him
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