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Car Accident: Would I Have A Leg To Stand On?

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Car Accident: Would I Have A Leg To Stand On?

Postby Michon » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:07 pm

So I was driving about 45 miles when a truck pulled right in front if me. I hit the brakes but, still t-boned her with my car. She was waved to go on by a man stopped in the lane next to me. She didn't see me and went ahead. Anyways our car is totaled basically. she immediately let it be known the truck wasn't hers and the tags are out and no insurance! I ended up in the hospital because my neck hurt. Now I have no car and expensive hospital/exray bills. Heres where I'm questioning if id have a leg to stand on. I was in my bfs car I'm not on the insurance. And I also was driving with no license.. Which I got ticket for. So could we win anything in court? BC she can't just cause my car extream damage and get away with it bc of no insurance
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Car Accident: Would I Have A Leg To Stand On?

Postby Samoel » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:32 am

welcome to america and your screwed, you can try but your just as guilty as her with no insurance so....
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Car Accident: Would I Have A Leg To Stand On?

Postby fareed » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:50 am

You're definitely in a tough situation. The other driver WOULD be at fault, but you don't have a licence. Her insurance won't cover anything because she has none, and your boyfriends insurance WILL NOT cover unlicensed drivers. You could talk to his insurance but you probably won't get anything.

You could sue the other driver but I have no idea how that would go an the court would also say you DONT HAVE A LICENCE.

Bottom line: NEVER drive without a licence, NEVER drive without insurance, DONT be doing something that is a restriction on your licence, OR ELSE YOU CAN BE FOUND PERSONALY PERSONALY PERSONALY LIABLE FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
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