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Can Someone In Car Sales Answer This For Me Please?

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Can Someone In Car Sales Answer This For Me Please?

Postby bentlie68 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:00 pm

I posted this already but wanted to get a few more details in here. My husband has been offered a job as a car salesman... he needs to answer on wednesday and let them know if he is accepting the offer or not.. Our dilema is this, will his income be enought to support our family and will it be a long lasting job. he has been at his current job for 4 years. the last 2 he has constantly been promised promotions, raises, bonuses. but nothing. it is physical labor and its taking a toll on his body. also, it is not paying our bills... so is car says something that will pay our house and bills and support us and our children? this is the ad they had posted for the job.. THANKS for you answers! P.s. My husband is Super social and friendly and knows a TON about cars. So i think he would be good at selling. Also, i would like to add that right now he drives an hr and a half to get to work and an hr and a half to get back home.. this new job would be less than 10 min away.and as far as vacations? we already have vacations paid for that have been scheduled for 2 years. will they not give him the days off?

8 cars per month. That?s what the average sales consultant around the nation sells. But, they don?t earn very much.

At Carr Chevy World, we want to reward those who can excel. We start the average sales consultant at $4000 per month?with rapidly escalating bonus levels for those who achieve more (last month, we had 15% of our sales force earn over $12,000). Whether you are a seasoned pro, new to the industry or somewhere in between, Carr Chevy World has the inventory, advertising, traffic, training and support to make you a true success.

We are looking for motivated, committed individuals who want to take their career to the next level. We will TRAIN the right employee. If you are ?average,? we will GUARANTEE you $12,000 over 90 days to prove it. But, we are truly looking to develop you into a superstar who earns over $120K per year.

Carr Chevy World is the Northwest?s leading Chevy store, and has been one of Oregon?s ?Best Companies to Work For? for six years. We offer health insurance, 401(k), Dental, and more. Plus, we offer an industry exclusive (and first in the car business) ? the opportunity to take the rest of the month off once you reach 10 units. So, you can have both a fabulous income, and the time off to enjoy it.
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Can Someone In Car Sales Answer This For Me Please?

Postby Marcell » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:00 pm

The write up sounds like a scam or a hook tactic used by dealers that sell Korean cars (Kia, Hyundai).

He should have something as a back up and maybe say in ninety days see where he is.

If all what they post is true about their reputation then you should be able to find little or no dirt about them online. Google the dealership and the owner of the dealership and see what comes up. See if there's stories from former salesmen that had been ripped off on commission or in any other way.

Also, run them on the BBB and see how they stand.
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Can Someone In Car Sales Answer This For Me Please?

Postby clark » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:56 pm

If he went on the interview, hopefully he asked the right questions, because if they are guaranteeing 4000 per month for the first 3 months, that's pretty damn good.
That's worth it just to try.
Just make sure there isn't a no-paid training period.

15% of their sales force over 12k per month is very good, in these times, that is very difficult to do.

This is a very promising ad, apparently trying to entice people new to car sales, as i (an established saleman) would not answer.

Car sales can be very lucrative, and certainly support a family, but it can also be very stressful, you really can't count on a certain amount of money.
good luck
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