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Can A Police Officer Stop Me Because Of This?

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Can A Police Officer Stop Me Because Of This?

Postby Rayhurn » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:44 am

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Can A Police Officer Stop Me Because Of This?

Postby Sahale » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:25 am

I am from Houston, Texas and every single time I am beeing stoped by the police. I am not a racing guy, no I do not drink, use drugs or do anything ilegal. This always happends to me when I go to Walmart when I get out of work. The time will be from 11:00pm to 1:00am. There is always a police officer on the parking lot when I go in and when I get out I see that the officer turns on his patrol car and whaits for me to turn on my car and leave. When I do he just starts to drive behind me and obviously stops me. When I ask why did he stoped me, he tells me this "I will tell you when you show me your drivers license, proof of insurance and registration" the officer goes to his patrol car and check me up and comes back and tells me one of these ALWAYS:

- "Your lisence plate lights are a little foggy"

I haved change my license plate lights more than 3 times in les than 4 months because of this and they keep stoping me for the same reason.

- "I stoped you cause of suspicious actions"

What? Suspicious actions? I do not get it. I do not do anything ilegal, in fact never ever have a ticket on my life.

Other things they haved ask me, "Were are you headed?" "Where are you coming from?" (They obviously know that from Walmart) "Do you live here in Houston?", some of hem asked me "Before Walmart, were were you coming from?" I respond "From work" and they ask "Were do you work at" I answer and they ask "What do you do at you work?". And this keeps going sometimes.

My questions is, Can they ask me all this? Can they keep stoping me for the same reason each time?, What are my rights?, Cause I feel that this has to be cause I am from a latinos family "Puerto Ricans to be exact. Racism maibe? Need help, FULL ANSWERS PLEASE!!
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