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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Bjarki » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:18 am

The answers from the non-Natives (save the one) are hilarious! Not based in any sort of reality.

Truth is YES....there are MANY non-Natives living on the Reserves. MANY. And not just those who have married in either. Many Tribes have rental housing availble....and when it isn't needed for a citizen, it gets rented out. That doesn't get the non-Native who moves in, invited to ceremony. Or make them able to participate in tribal goings on. Tribes are ran like businesses and municipalities. And non-Natives are nothing more than tenants.

Benefits.....complete myths. SOME Tribes have a sustainable business or two, that brings moneys into the community. That moneys is handed over to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who put it in trust. The moneys held in trust, combined with the moneys already held, for ceding of lands, is then dolled back out to the tribe, in increments. The Tribe then gets to decide how it should be used. Remember....Reservations receive NO State funding, like a regular town or municipality. They pay all their own infrastructure, health care, education, police/fire services etc. So some tribes have the extra money from business enterprises, to be able to put moneys into social programming. Like educational grants. Or daycare subsidy. Adult learning programs. Housing subsidies. Additional healthcare. Things like that. People seem to think these things come from the government just because the funds are handled by the BIA.......and they do, the TRIBAL government. NOT the US government. NOT the State government. And certainly NOT from taxes. That is why it is so amusing...and incredibly ignorant....to hear people go on and on about handouts, and taxes. Do you consider having access to unemployment insurance a handout? OR having a police service? Or having your roads fixed? Of course not. That is why the term 'benefits' is not only incredibly inaccurate, but paints a ridiculous picture of people getting things, just for being Indian. Not so at all. They have access to such things, because they are a citizen. Just like you have access to such things, because you are a citizen of the US. That is why those who live AND work on the Rez do not pay State taxes.....because no State taxes ever pay for anything on the Reserve. They still pay all Fed taxes.

And yes.....some tribal services are only available on Rez. Some, like educational scholarships and grants are available off.

And do keep in mind that less than 30% of Native Americans actually live on Rez. That means the other 70+% are living all around you, in cities and towns.

*LMAO @ Amish camps. Where do you people come up with this stuff?
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Galton » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:15 am

Yeah, the non-natives gave some messed-up answers.
I can't imagine why someone would answer a question when they know nothing of the facts.

Anyway....we can live whereever the heck we want.
Most of the year, I live off the reservation, and only go back for brief periods to reconnect with family and help out.

Benefits? What benefits? There are none, those are all myths.
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Beorhthram » Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:39 am

Wow, solutions relatively interesting here! I occur to work on a reservation, and even as there surely are a number of problems i would not say they are any worse than these of the "White Man". And in fact i know a couple of Native American families who don't live on their reservation, it's conveniently a topic of choice. The one distinguishing truth between the tribes is whether or not or no longer they have got a on line casino (or two), the funding from a on line casino can make an actual difference concerning the disposition of any tribe and it can be individuals or membership. Casino's equal cash and money equates to jobs for the tribe I work for. As for their authorized residence, the reservation is indeed one of the crucial more interesting propositions the Federal executive has ever engaged in. I have no idea what yr the reservation was once established as an impartial nation within the us but it's lengthy been a complete deal. Reputable Native American Reservations are indeed a separate nation guided by using their possess via legal guidelines and reply to none except their possess legal method, unless it's a federal offense. Because the tribe relatively are not able to installed a federal police drive (do have their possess police force) they're mandated to depend on the FBI. Additionally they do, via history, nonetheless buy into the BIA, which isn't such a huge deal in this day and age, in general the BIA wishes to ensure the tribes aren't scammed. I fairly are not able to say there is a lot unsuitable with Native American lands besides some tribes surely readily do not care, however looks like extra do than do not. Even as we as a rule take observe of the drug ridden poorly dressed, or ancient Indian man to make fun of, there are certainly plenty of Native american citizens who i like better than "my own form, the white man".
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Ffowc » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:56 pm

LOL @ the non-natives. Have any of you EVER even BEEN to a reservation?? lol...

Yes, we can move as we please. However, our reservations are akin to our "capitals". They are where our tribal governments conduct governmental business...so many natives tend to stay where the tribal government is, either for work or for family.

And there are no benefits for being "native american", this is a great big myth.

Edit: Here is my favorite pizza joint...right smack in the middle of town on the reservation. https://www.google.com/search?q=native+a... I had my first date with my first boyfriend there :) :) And many dates with other boyfriends thereafter :P Not exactly an Amish camp, now is it?? https://www.google.com/search?q=wee+wun+...
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Eldwin » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:19 pm

they can live wherever they want but they like to stick together. my dad came from a reservation in wyoming and when he left he never went back , so i don't know if once you leave you can't go back or something.
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby athmarr89 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:59 am

the blacks dont want to go back to the plantation.why would injuns want to go back to the reservation and drink bad fire water and starve?
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Can Native Americans Only Live On A Reservation?

Postby Ceallach » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:22 am

That depends on the tribal laws for said tribe.
Here in Alaska we have Native Corporations and all of their members can live wherever they choose and still reap the rewards of their corporation.
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