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Can Medicare Take Away Home?

Disability Insurance News & Discussion

Can Medicare Take Away Home?

Postby Tryp » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:01 pm

My mother is 57 and just received a medicare card that will start in April of 2013. She has been on Social security since my father passed away April 2011. They said she is getting survivors benefits but she is also disabled so somehow this is why the medicare card came. As of January 2013 she will be getting $757 SS and had been getting $40 a week workmans comp ( lifetime settlement) that is her only income. My question is can medicare take her home or put a lien on it if she doesn't ever go into a nursing home? Do they do such to get repaid for medical care.. doctors visits etc. My mother plans on leaving the home to me upon her passing but we haven't made any legal documents yet. Can they take it from me or change me penalties upon her passing? PLEASE HELP!!! ***In new york city***
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Can Medicare Take Away Home?

Postby Watson » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:21 pm

The home can be taken away and the sale profits used for her care if she needs to go into a nursing home only if she is in need of medicaid to help pay the cost of the nursing home. If she has no other assets and limited income, that most likely will be the case.

Her home is an asset, while she is alive it can be sold to pay for her care if the state has to kick in and cover the cost. It really doesn't matter who she wants to leave the house to if she needs nursing home care, her assets have to used first to pay for it.

If she never needs nursing home care and she has medicare only, her house will not be touched.
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Can Medicare Take Away Home?

Postby Firth » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:01 am

Medicare is federal and it is available to people who are age 65 or older or who have been entitled to a disability based benefit for 24 months.
It has absolutely nothing to do with a person's income or resouces because it is not a welfare benefit.
You seem to be confusing it with Medicaid which is a welfare benefit via the state welfare department.

If your mother ever goes into a nursing home or assisted living it is quite likely that she WILL become eligible for Medicaid because Medicare will not cover the full cost of her care.
So yes, if she becomes entitled to Medicaid it is possible that they will take her home because AFTER ALL a person is responsible for taking care of themselves before the taxpayers can be expected to do so.
This does not apply to Medicare.

In the state of Michigan if someone deeds over their home to someone else they cannot become entitled to Medicaid for five years - no matter how much they might need the Medicaid.
The purpose of this law is obvious - a home is an asset and if necessary it should be sold to cover the cost of a person's care before welfare kicks in and the taxpayers have to pay for it.
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Can Medicare Take Away Home?

Postby Abban » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:02 am

The best thing to do is to have your mom transfer the house to you now instead of waiting that way if she does ever have to go into a nursing home she is already poor.
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