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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Laec » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:49 am

Xiphos is right as others, but remember it takes many to dance.
The lobbyists have paid our House and Senate members over $3.2 billion* in 2008 and more to come.
The health care guys paid HALF A BILLION BUCKS!!!! SO they are going to get the mine and we get the shaft.

Please don't be fooled by the Congressional Budget Office.
IN 2003 when the Medicare Prescription drug Plan was passed they stated before that it would only cost $500 billion over "a ten year period".
After it was signed they came back adn stated they had made a "mistake".

they then stated the actual cost would be over a TRILLION BUCKS! iN other words they made a small 100% $500 billion mistake.

They are a tool of the White House and cannot be trusted.
In one deal they are touting now they use costs for x-rays at $250 and MRIs at $1,500.
Medicare pays $31.25 for an x-ray and under $300 for a Mri.
I mean these guys have all the info and use bogus numbers.
Also Medicare and the HMO pay 70-90% less of what they bill.
As a matter of fact the medical places have a "menu" of what they will pay.

So you are right we cannot afford it.
What president would come in when the country is in two wars, just got ripped off by manipulated oil, has tapped out it's credit cards and paying $500 million a day in interest? nO one in there right mind.
The country is bankrupt and anyone one of these pie in the sky deals may mean a depression.
Also they holler about saving 75,000 lives a year.

My doctor told me the 75,000 number is bogus, but if it were true why are they waiting for four years and the Baucus bill may not start till 2016?

Anyway it is a money grab, but i think the lobbyists and the politicians understand how bad of shape we are in.
i mean can you imagine doing cap and trade and running out the rest of industry here to China.

By the way the drug companies made a ton on the 2003 bill and they drove seniors drug costs up 50% and then flooded the market with the 3rd world drugs, you know the "$4 prescriptions".
I bet those countries have the same quality control (QC) we have.
I mean half the people in many of those countries don't even have running water and I can see them putting these pills in an air conditioned ware house.
Ha, ha.

Have a great 2009! By the way at the site below you can put in any politicians name and see how much they take, from whom and how they vote.
It is funny how the chairman of these committees seem to get the most donated to them by the industry the bill concerns. like Baucus is getting about $6 million.
Not a bad pay day and he must do their biddeing!!!

Add on: One other thing this plan to stop the Medicare advantage program means that the elderly on fixed budgets will be forced to pay $1,200 a year for "gap" insurance and hey guess who sells it AARP! Sen. Baucus' bill also cuts doctors pay by a third n three years (21% the first year and then 5% the next two) and that is insane as right now over a third of all doctors do not do medicare because they think the payment is too low.
I would assume about another third will drop out and then not doctors like the other countries and long lines, unless you got the money to afford other insurance to see the doctors tht are not in the program.
Right now the democrats are dealing behind closed doors.
When the did the 2004 drug bill the Republicans worked with the democrats, when they did the SCHIPS program for children, Bush and Kennedy worked on it, but no the Democrats, now that they are in power will not work with the Republicans, that is sad and SICK! Too bad Sen. Kennedy is not around he would have atleast made them act like humans.
What goes around comes around guys.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Jason » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:52 am

health care is just one aspect of what they are spending and trying to do.

"Let me get this straight.

Congress is going to pass a health care plan

written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it,

passed by a Congress that hasn't read it, but exempts themselves from it, signed by a President that also hasn't read it, and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and

financed by a country that's nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?"

i have lived through many presidents and every democratic president has done this but not to this extent.
they are big on expanding executive powers and adding to the national debt with many social programs that are ran in a very inefficient manner with waste and corruption being the most expensive.

on 60 minutes last night, this man admitted how easy it is to bilk the government and stole 20 Million from medicare for equipment never delivered.
government ran agencies breed corruption and waste.
that is where we need to start any reforms.
this shows us that the government cannot run anything and yet we are going to allow them to run health care..allow is the wrong word, they are ramming it down our throats.

never in my years of life has there been such a grab for power as is happening in this time over so many aspects of our lives.
we need to reign it in before it is too late to do so.
they admire how chavez has handled his country and are attempting to do the same here.
wake up people. this is not about health care, this is about control and power.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Connlaoth » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:28 pm

Well, I don't know. Can we afford to keep sending rockets to the moon even? Now that would be sad if we can't run a rocket into the moon or some other out of this world planet.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Ario » Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:58 pm

But Harry Reid said - and oops - he slipped! Said it would be 2 Trillion! I think thats why Nancy Pelosi was mad at him and didn't want his arm around her.

Reid probably didn't slip saying that- he is up for relection and supporting that radical bill won't get him back in office.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Glifieu » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:53 am

No! We cannot afford Obama. He has become the traitor and enemy to the US.

Impeachment is in order for Obama. Constitutional Grounds.

He has multiplied a crisis that he started with many times over and has put us on a true verge of Total Economic Collapse!!

We can only afford those Democrats who stand up for Economic and Social responsibility and are not led by the Extremist Left who are bent on continued radical destruction of our fundamental rights and economy.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Boden » Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:18 pm

Me I think not. What we are seeing, and by seeing causing a major rush, in congress is a big push for absolute power and control over the individual, in the name of health care. The little that has leaked out of any number of so called bills has caused a rapid decrease in support for whats being pushed as "reform." Say Reid is correct in his statement that it will cost 2 trillion, although the actual numbers would be closer to 3 or 4 trillion, as is always the case with the government,.

It then becomes obvious that the answer is an emphatic Hell No, we cannot afford Obama anything. Paying 2 to 4 trillion dollars to the government to usurp your liberty is a bad buy, any way you look at it.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Keilah » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:21 pm

According to Obama, no, we positively cannot afford it.

According to Obama, before he started we were already perilously close to the tipping point where our debt would cause a free-falling economy from which we most-likely could NEVER recover.

According to Obama, his plan is to positively guarantee that's exactly what happens.
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby arrigo » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:39 am

Obama guaranteed to create millions of new jobs. The only way he can think of fulfilling this promise, is to spend so much money, that we will be forced to build many more U S Mints and put many, many more people to work in construction, printing, inspectors, security guards, etc.....
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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Coltrane » Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:56 am

No we cannot. A power grab pure and simple when we let the government take over a large portion of the economy.
As I read in another post; When government grows liberty goes.

As Reagan once said: "Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty."

How true this is when you look at powerful governments today, and in the past around the world.

Let us support the government, and not let the government support us!

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Can We Afford Obama And Another Trillion In Spending For Health Care?

Postby Otho » Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:03 pm

Not counting the health care Obama has spent over one million dollars per hour per day and no one has said a word on capitol hill on the blind , deaf , Democratic side . Why can not people call it the way they see it and not the way they hear it . No we can not afford any more of this man . As it is our great, great , great , great , great, grandchildren will be paying for what our potentate has already spent and non of it has been bipartisan , all the democrats . I thought congress was supposed to look out for the interests of all people , be they Dem. or Repub. Oh well I guess I missed the chapter about the new Savior was coming . I read that same thing in the Bible and I believe it whole heartily , but then I believe every word spoken by God and no words spoken by our great potentate.
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