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Buying A Scooter -2 Options Electric Or Gas?

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Buying A Scooter -2 Options Electric Or Gas?

Postby englebert95 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:26 am

Hey I need help with a upcoming purchase I'm planning to make. I need a stand-up scooter to get to college/ back/ more every day next year. The state I live in does not permit a motorized bike/ moped ( or anything that is motorized with a seat) to be driven without a driver's or a motorcycle license- and I have neither.

I graduated early and because I'm going to college I have no money.. but because I don't need to pay for insurance on a car or motorcycle ( and I'm a young male so I'm glad ) I have managed to get a $1200 budget which is pretty fair I'd say.


So I looked around online and found 2 respectable scooters - One is electric - On is petrol powered

and I would like to know which of these I should choose or if there is another option that would work better for me? -

The petrol version is a GoPed brand scooter - the GSr46R - Pretty fast 35 mph+ stock.. but because this is my little scooter, and like anyone with a car, I'm looking to tune it up.. and I have an arrangement that is just under 1200 dollars that will get this thing going upwards to 50+, of course I don't need that speed, but I figured if I'm spending this kinda money on a scooter, its gotta be nice, I also plan to use this as entertainment as well

The electric can be seen here - http://superscootersales.com/?wpsc-product=super-turbo-1000-lithium -

It took me quite a while to find a Lithium powered scooter for this price, and with this power... I refuse to get a Sealed Lead Acid battery because while I surely can do without the weight, and charging time.. the life span is what concerns me. This scooter company claims this thing will last upwards of 1000-1500 cycles which is pleasing... but with a top speed of (possibly) 32 mph its a little upsetting because again I don't need the speed for the general transportation, I would certainly use it if I could.

Pros & Cons of the Gas Scooter-

Pros first-

Name Brand, Well known, & Trusted Company (and site)

Speed - Tuned, I can ride this thing going (up to) 55 which may be illegal but I don't mind ;)

Life Span - Some Years, I will take care of it

Perfectly Priced & Customized


Noise - This is the reason these things are illegal in other states and I don't want that to happen here, because of me. Its louder with the expansion chamber I would apply but I've put many silencers and smoother mechanisms into the design I wish to buy (hopefully will help)

Gas/Oil - Surely Gas isn't a problem, I believe it gets about 60+ mpg and runs 21 miles per 1.5l tank.. which is good.. but its partially oil.. I'm not sure how much is used per tank, I haven't crunched the numbers but it may concern me if I need to buy specific oil every now and then just to use this thing- depends on how often



1000 watt Battery - Best you can get in a stock scooter

Lithium - Lasts Longer, Lighter, More powerful, Faster Charge

32 mph top speed - Great for electric .. Might be worth it

Rechargeable.. simplicity is nice :P

Silent - Perfect


Brand - Good Product Reviews & Customer Service - Not as known as GoPed

Stock- No customization/ personality :(

Speed - Good & Bad - can't decide - I just don't want to be disappointed . and I know I wont with the gas version

I know that's alot to read .. And if you did, you rock you'll definitely have a better answer ;D than others who didn't read this.
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