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Buying home insurance... where to buy?

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Buying home insurance... where to buy?

Postby lapidoth » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:57 pm

I am looking for an engine which can compare rates of home insurance, and possibly along with car insurance without wasting time. One that is best for New Jersey would be nice. Thanks. Also, any tips on buying home insurance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- Hong
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Buying home insurance... where to buy?

Postby manus69 » Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:07 pm

Well, they're out there, but you have to buy it, and it's really expensive. Most independent agencies buy the software, and then pay monthly to pay for rating updates. We're talking several thousand for the initial software, and about $25 per month, per company, for the rate updates.

You are trying to be your own agent.

Unless you know the difference between replacement cost and GUARANTEED replacement cost, and unless you know which extra endorsements you need (are you familiar with an HO41?), you will be making MAJOR mistakes by trying to do this yourself. You likely won't even be able to get the accurate (for each company) limit for the building.

Go visit a local, independent agent, and ask them to give you quotes with 10 different companies. Have them print it out. Then go to another one or two, and get 10 or 20 more quotes, from 10 or 20 more companies.

You can't get the policy, anyway, without using an agent. So let them do ALL the work for you.
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