Cheaper Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Tips

Pet Insurance Tips

Pet Insurance can be expensive but it is one of the most worthwhile expenses given that vets are continually raising their prices. Some veterinarian procedures can cost thousands of dollars and many people end up in debt because they tried to save the life of their much loved pet. Here are some quick tips on how to save money when buying pet insurance!

Get your pet neutered. Some pet insurance companies offer cheaper insurance premiums if your pet is desexed. This is because giving birth can be a dangerous and costly affair for some animals. Pugs, for example frequently have difficult births and the mother often has to have a caesarian section to safely deliver the pups. If the insurance company knows it won’t be asked to fund the cost of delivery or any complications related to your pet’s delivery, you can obtain cheaper insurance.

Additionally, your animal is safer when they are neutered. Safer from other animals, safer around children and less messy.

Get your animal microchipped!  Microchipping provides peace of mind because if your pet becomes lost, any vet or dog catcher can scan their chip to find the owner details.  The chip is a small flexible disc that is inserted under the skin on your pets neck.  Many insurance companies have clauses in their policy which allow for a certain amount of money to be paid to help find your lost dog.  Microchipping lowers the risk of a lost dog because it can always be identified as belonging to you.

Another great tip is to make sure you only use your pet insurance for major ailments.  Frequently people use insurance on every minor ailment that their animal has, but this often becomes more costly because of the insurance excess you pay when making a claim.  Often if it is something small like a minor infection, it’s worth paying the vet the $80 yourself rather than forking out the $100 excess the insurance company might require.

Save your pet insurance for the more costly items, like a sudden injury to your pet like a broken leg, or more costly procedures which involve surgery.

Another great tip is to maintain your pet’s general health.  Buy them bones to help keep their teeth in great condition, treat them for fleas, make sure they wear tick collars and manually check them for ticks, make sure you use a good heartworm medication and so on.  These simple measures can save you from visits to the vet and save money in the long run.  Make sure you clip your dog’s toe nails so it doesn’t develop an ingrown toe nail that can lead to an infection.  Give them a regular bath and check their overall health when you do so.  Most of all – don’t overfeed your pet!! Do all of these basics to save money in the long run.

Keep your pet indoors.  One great tip for cat owners is to keep your animal indoors so it doesn’t run the risk of being injured while outside.  Some insurance policies offer discounts for “inside cats” because they are less likely to be injured and require costly veterinarian care.