Antique Car Insurance

Antique Car Insurance

Antique Car Insurance

Most people love the style and elegance of antique cars, that’s why so many people love to visit car shows every year. Many car collectors love to find these classics, restore them to mint condition and show them off. After a collector has spent many weeks or months restoring an old car, often they have become a very costly project. Some collectors spend tens of thousands of dollars restoring their cars, so having the right insurance to protect that investment is essential.

Unfortunately antique car insurance isn’t always easy to find because many insurers won’t even offer this kind of insurance. Once you find an insurer willing to provide the insurance, often the cost is very high because of the value of the item and the risk of driving it on the road.

The premiums can also be costly because these items are so rare that they are frequently a target for thieves. A rare car collection can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars and car thieves often look for these rare cars, which they steal then export overseas. However you can’t risk leaving these valuable assets uninsured.

Quite often the best way to find quality antique car insurance is to talk to other car collectors. They will have years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and should be able to point you in the right direction. Also you can use car insurance discussion forums to talk to other consumers about their experiences with different car insurers.

The companies that are more renowned for providing this kind of insurance are also more likely to be more affordable. They will know what value your car really represents and will know the risks for that car in terms of theft and road accidents.

Sometimes picking the right insurance can be complex because antique cars might have problems that regular cars don’t face. One of those problems is that parts can be very difficult to find for some antique cars. The insurance company will negotiate the policy with you and if you include repairs to the vehicle in the policy, they will look at the expense of finding replacing parts, or in very rare cases, manufacturing the required parts.

For people with extremely expensive antique cars, arely taking it on the road is one way to possibly save on your insurance premium. If you can negotiate a limit to the amount of miles driven with the car each year you may be able to obtain a cheaper premium.

For many collectors, their antique cars are like their prized children, so don’t hesitate in buying antique car insurance, you wouldn’t want anything to happen to that prized possession!