13 Ways to Lower the Cost of Health Insurance

13 Ways to Save Money on Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most expensive parts of the household budget.  Here are 13 simple ways to save money on your health insurance premiums! 1. Comparison Shop The most common and simplest advice possible is to do your research before … Continue reading

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Renters Insurance for College Students

Student Dorm Renters Insurance

Leaving for college is an exciting time for young people and there are many things to consider as they leave the family home. One of the things that is often forgotten about is renters insurance. When a student moves out … Continue reading

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Many Californians Don’t Have Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance

A 6.1 magnitude earthquake has hit Northern California this week and shocked many residents, many of whom do not have earthquake insurance. The quake was a stark reminder to many people about the the precarious conditions they live in thanks … Continue reading

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Man Busted Selling Fake Insurance Policies!

Insurance Fraud

Police in Gwinnett County, GA have arrested a man who was allegedly selling fake insurance. Investigators state that John Kill, 63, of Peachtree Corners was selling fake insurance to a number of construction and trucking companies. The state insurance commissioner … Continue reading

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Things to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Most people understand that going on holiday is often a pretty unpredictable experience. You may not know exactly what conditions are like where you are going, there could be an accident or delay involving your transport, you might be the … Continue reading

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How Traffic Tickets Affect Insurance Rates

Traffic fines and insurance rates

It’s one of the most common questions amongst car owners – how much will your traffic infringements cost you when you buy insurance? Well unfortunately even a minor traffic infringement can make a difference when it comes to buying car … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Cars to Insure in 2014!

The Most Expensive Car to Insure

Most people think their car insurance premiums cost too much. Every year it feels like the premium is more expensive. Well to give us all some consolation let’s take a look at the most expensive cars to insure! Every year … Continue reading

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The Extra Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A lot of unexpected and unusual events can occur in the real world and not all forms of insurance are equipped to deal with them. For example, many people who were in London for the riots in 2011 saw massive … Continue reading

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Americans Without Health Insurance Drop

Uninsured Rate Drops

A new survey indicates that the number of Americans without any form of insurance has dropped dramatically since the introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act by the Obama administration. That includes millions who have never had health insurance before. In … Continue reading

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Common Car Insurance Myths

Car Insurance Myths

There is a lot of fine print on most car insurance contracts and most people could not be bothered to read all of the details of the contract. Instead, most people know the broad points of insurance agreements but on … Continue reading