Man Busted Selling Fake Insurance Policies!

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Police in Gwinnett County, GA have arrested a man who was allegedly selling fake insurance. Investigators state that John Kill, 63, of Peachtree Corners was selling fake insurance to a number of construction and trucking companies.

The state insurance commissioner suggests that there may be as 1000 businesses who have been caught by the fake insurance scam.

The fake insurance policies were being sold under the name “Appeal Insurance Agency”, a real company from the United Kingdom. Customers realized they had been duped when they contacted the insurance company headquarters to find they had no policy.

While many of the businesses caught by the scam are in the Atlanta area, many are interstate and across the country. Police are working through boxes of records to contact the affected businesses.

The amount of money involved was substantial with hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly discovered stashed in various accounts.

Police urge businesses who are unsure about the status of their insurance policies to contact their provider as soon as possible.