Dangerous Dogs Liability Insurance Requirement

Dangerous Dogs Liability Insurance

Dangerous Dogs Liability Insurance

More cities are moving to enforce restrictions on dangerous dogs and in recent moves, some are making new insurance requirements for the owners of “dangerous dogs”.

In the suburb of Royal Oak in Detroit, officials have had enough with recent vicious dog attacks and have decided to enforce new rules on those animals. As reported by the Detroit Free Press, in October a Doberman pinscher left outside a grocery store attacked a man and severely injured him. Police have also been forced to shoot some pit bulls that mauled a small dog.

The city commission, Patricia Capello was behind the push for new dangerous dog laws which include secure yard requirements, obedience training, a microchip implanted on the animal and a $1 million liability insurance policy.

Capello suggests that despite the $1 million policy requirement seeming to be a bit high, it is required so that people don’t lose their homes, saying “It’s worth it to have the peace of mind that you won’t lose your home”.

With a dangerous dog there is potential for serious injuries or death to other people or animals, so that level of policy probably is the right amount. A liability insurance policy of that level is expected to cost around $110 per year.

Other suburbs like Farmington Hills already have a requirement for $1 million in liability insurance for owners of dogs with a history of bites or attacks, so Royal Oak is not going it alone in instigating this policy. In fact it is expected that many other suburbs with dangerous dogs will follow this policy. Waterford and Westland also require insurance policies, but not to the same extent.

There is also a chance for dog owners to have their pet reclassifed so it is no longer considered “dangerous” if it has a good track record with no instances of escaping their yard without the owner or biting any people (or other animals).

It is another thing to consider when selecting your pet – could there be additional expenses coming from insurance policy requirements if you choose a breed that is more likely to be dangerous. More suburbs and cities are likely to move to similar kinds of requirements as deaths and injuries to dog attacks continue to rise in the United States. Some pet insurance policies do contain an allowance for dog bites, so it is worth checking your policy to determine exactly how much you may be protected. Usually any liability insurance in a pet insurance plan will not reach the required $1 million in liability insurance so you may be required to have 2 insurance policies.

Why Property Owners Should Check Liability Insurance

Tradesmen Liability Insurance

Tradesmen Liability Insurance

If you happen to require a tradesman to carry out any kind of work on your property it is crucial you make certain they have the appropriate liability insurance coverage set up.

Failing to confirm whether a tradesman is bona-fide and covered by insurance against all his work’s liability pitfalls, has in some serious scenarios, cost the home-owners using tradesman, their houses!

There are many challenges that a tradesman will expose a property owner to over the course of their job, as a result of their work. Most of these potential risks include an injury to persons in the home owners family, or the public or the tradesman’s workers. The kind of accident and injury which could take place could result in a tradesman being sued for damages or injuries.

By way of example, you as a prroperty owner are accountable for the condition and basic safety of your home’s roof structure. Perhaps you recently used a local roofer to do some repairs to the house roof and swap some roof tiles. You were happy with the work and paid him.

A while later these same tiles dislodged in a mild wind and dropped, critically injuring a passer-by who subsequently sues you for his injuries which are severe.

Perhaps you contact your insurance company to tell them of the claim against you. The home insurance company after sending around an insurance assessor, refuse to pay out saying that it was the proximate cause of the job of the tradesman you utilized and you will have to chase your claim against him.

You establish that the roofing company was without insurance and he says you were content with his job at the time and signed it off by compensating him. Your attorneys explain to you that as the roofer does not own any property and consequently it is not worthwhile to pursue the claim against him. You will have to carry the costs.

Meanwhile the costs of the claim are growing as the litigants legal teams add thousands to the lawsuit against you. There isn’t enough money to settle the lawsuit out of court and are compelled to sell your house.

This horror scenario has happened to so many people, just because they did not check the state of the tradesman’s liability insurance before they hired them.

All good tradesman should have not less than $1 million in public liability insurance protection which guards them against claims from the consumer and public. If they use any staff they are required by law to have employers liability insurance coverage for which a certificate is always supplied.

Prior to signing or verbally agreeing to hire any sort of tradesman you must request to see the duplicate of either the insurance policy schedule outlining the public liability indemnity cover or the employers liability certificate if the tradesman has any employees. Create a copy if you’re able to, or otherwise look at the policyholders identity is the same, grab the insurance company particulars and policy number and verify that the expiry date is valid.

In the event the tradesman is unable to offer these details, then it is really preferable to pick up the phone book and look for other tradesmen.