Insurance Company Pays People to Keep Fit

Misfit Fitness Band

Insurance companies are becoming increasingly proactive in how they help consumers. One new insurance company aims to use technology to better tailor health insurance to people. An insurance company named “Oscar” has unveiled an initiative where every member can obtain … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Applications Top 1 Million in First Week Enrollment

Affordable Health Care Act enrollment

According to the federal government, the first week of the “Affordable Health Care Act enrollment” period brought in 1 million applications. The huge number of applications indicates that the government’s website was functioning better than last year. In 2013 … Continue reading

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Terrorism Insurance Legislation Falters

Terrorism Insurance Stalls in Congress

A significant piece of legislation providing emergency insurance against massive terrorist attack has been stalled in congress.   The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA) is due to expire at the end of the year. The senate passed the bill to extend TRIA by … Continue reading

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16 Helpful Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

16 Helpful Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

It seems like the cost of car insurance premiums is constantly rising!  Running a car can be very expensive when you consider the price of gas, the expense of maintaining the vehicle and paying those insurance premiums.  Fortunately there are … Continue reading

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Pay As You Drive Car Insurance Explained

Pay as you go car insurance

“Pay as you drive” insurance has become more prevalent within recent years due to large advertising campaigns touting the money saving potential of this form of car insurance.  Within the insurance industry these kinds of policies are referred to as … Continue reading

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Do You Know These 9 Common Car Insurance Myths?

Car Insurance Myths

Insurance contracts can be very complex and there is often a great deal of fine print involved.  It’s no wonder that many people end up learning what they know about car insurance from other consumers.  Unfortunately a lot of the … Continue reading

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10 Ways For Retirees to Save on Car Insurance

10 Ways For Retirees to Save on Car Insurance

Most people see a significant change to their driving habits once they retire.  Instead of driving to work everyday, they usually end up driving irregularly.  Usually the driving involves a trip away or a trip to visit friends. For most retirees, … Continue reading

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How Gender Affects Car Insurance

Women Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Despite women getting paid less than men in the United States, there are some benefits for being a woman, particularly when it comes to car insurance!  Most insurers charge women less for car insurance.  Many people would be curious as … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Under-Insuring Your Home

Avoiding Home Under-Insurance

For most people, the family home is the most expensive asset they will own in their lifetime.  It usually takes decades of mortgage repayments and hard work to pay off the family home.  Unfortunately there is also a risk that … Continue reading

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Detroit Most Expensive Auto Insurance

Detroit Auto Insurance Expensive

A blog post from suggests that Detroit might have some of the most expensive car insurance in the country.   The cost of insuring a car in Detroit came in at a massive 165% higher than the national average.  That … Continue reading

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