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Best Way To End 9-day (so Far) Cold War Between My Parents?

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Best Way To End 9-day (so Far) Cold War Between My Parents?

Postby Danko » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:39 pm

(I know, kinda long, but please, HELP!)

My parents haven't spoken to each other for 9 days so far. It all started when my dad reminded my mom in a (pardon my French) sh_i_tty tone to sweep & mop the kitchen floor. It's hard to describe the tone used besides that word, but the tone sounded like he was assuming she wouldn't do it, although she said she already did. Anyway, the tone he used ticked off my mom (and it would to anyone).

Just after, we discussed renewing the health insurance and how the premium went up. (We've had mini-wars before about rising health insurance costs, my dad blaming my mom.) My dad smokes, and the premium would be lower if he didn't. Mom pointed this out. Dad then went outside for a long time, came back in, and exploded. He was actually just mad about the way she reacted to what he said about the floor.

So he goes on blabbering about it to his other employee (I work for my dad) and also a customer that he knows well. (The customer was complaining about his wife first, so Dad added to the conversation.)

Over the first few days, he started thinking of ways to retaliate. Examples: abandon the kitchen remodeling project, take away Mom's new car, make her pay the electric bill since it's in her name. I don't know how the electric bill got in her name, but she doesn't make much money at her full-time job. I tried reasoning with Dad, but he won't listen. (I know from previous experience, I'll cover a little more later). 3 days after the incident, I asked him when it would stop, and he said "'Til the Evil Provider gets even."

It's been 9 days, and not a single word has been spoken between them. Dad totally avoids her, to the point of trying as much as possible to not be in the same room. Mom said that if Dad takes her new car away, she'll leave him. This 9-day cold war is no surprise to me, because several years ago, they went 8 months without talking because of a credit card statement of Mom's that Dad found. Their marriage has gone downhill over the years, even Mom said Dad killed her love for him.

But look, all I'm searching for is the solution to the problem at hand. If 8 months is the record to beat, how long might this continue? What should I say to Dad to end Cold War 2?
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Best Way To End 9-day (so Far) Cold War Between My Parents?

Postby Duval » Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:03 pm

You guys should go out for dinner and then ask them about the day you were born. From there just seem natural, talk to both of them, Slowly remind them of family jokes and happy times. If this don't work show them a video of parents divorcing and how it affects their kids.......Out of nowhere start crying really loud and confess it breaks your heart to see them fight and argue over stupid things. as much as dads act tough crying all over the place really make them soften up. if than don't work pretend to be really sick and grab both of their attention in order for them to work together work like wonders at our house, hehehe. dont take it too hard it happens sometimes.

Good luck ...........tell me how it goes, k?
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