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Best Time For Me To Transfer To Ut Austin?

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Best Time For Me To Transfer To Ut Austin?

Postby terrelle40 » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:54 pm

I'm a Texas resident currently a freshman at UT Arlington, wanting to transfer into UT Austin VERY badly. I'm not in the CAP program(although I was offered it, I declined it for other reasons and I'm kicking myself for it). I am a business-intended major at my current school and had plans to stay there for 2 years and transfer into UT Austin's Mccomb business school as a junior transfer, when I would have the business indicator courses completed(and hopefully with an A in those courses). I also wanted to wait and transfer as a junior so that my high school record would matter less(I was above average, but coming from a very competitive and large high school it was hard to "shine" above the rest). So now I just looked at UT Austin's transfer page closely and nowhere did it ask for any high school records or SAT scores or scores of any kind from my past. Now I'm considering applying for next year rather than the year after. My problem is, I really want to be in Mccomb's business school but without having the business indicator courses yet they won't even consider me. I have a 3.75 GPA so far, I'm confident I can write some great essays and even get a good recommendation from my English professor of this past semester. When should I apply? Wait a while and apply as a junior straight for mccombs, or as a sophomore applying under another major(like in Liberal Arts) with the intention to transfer into the business school later? My extracurriculars are as follows: Art club, movie club, the literary circle, Spanish club, animal shelter volunteer, library volunteer, experienced the middle eastern country of Iran for 2 months, worked at an insurance agency when I was in the 10th grade, and worked at a cosmetics store. will have joined more clubs in college.

and lastly, would I need to mention that I applied last year, was offered CAP, and didn't accept it?

ANSWER:  Hi Tina, Well, lots of big questions! I'll answer as best that I can, just keep in mind that I in no way represent UT Admissions. :) I think it's definitely in your favor to go ahead an apply for next year. The worst that can happen is that they can say "No," but then you can apply again next year. It will not hurt you that they denied you once, because the circumstances and situation changes so much from year to year, as will your academic preparation. That said, go ahead and put business down as your first choice. If for some reason the school denies you, I think you will definitely be accepted into the School of Liberal Arts with your GPA and extracurriculars and recommendations. It's still difficult to transfer into the school of business, even as a UT Austin student, but your chances will be MUCH better, and you can do it at any semester. DEFINITELY mention that you turned down the CAP program, but be sure to explain your reasons really well, i.e., it didn't appear to fit your academic goals at the time or you were not in a position to be able to handle the program at the time. Then explain why your situation has changed and you realized it WOULD have been a good idea, and why you are a good fit for UT now.

Honestly, at this point high school academics and extracurriculars do not weigh as heavily as what you've done in your first year since. While its important to explain that you did well in high school, it's such a different experience from college that admissions will be much more interested to see how you handled your first year at the university level. Also try to spin the fact that you haven't had any business coursework in your favor. For example, if you've had a lot of English classes mention that you now have excellent written communication skills, which puts you at an advantage over other business students who haven't had the opportunity to focus on that area. If you haven't had a focus in your studies yet, explain how getting your required classes out of the way will mean you don't have to enroll in already overburdened UT core classes(which often have to teach 300-500 students per class), and can instead focus both your time and the university's resources on providing you with a strong business-school immersion. DEFINITELY apply this year, definitely try for business, and definitely mention your reasons for not accepting the CAP and why you think the business school would be a great fit for you now.

Let me know if you have any other questions! - Kat

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Hey Kat! Thanks for your previous answer. Now that i'm nearing the end of my second semester, I have some new concerns.

First, if you remember from my last question I mentioned getting a letter of recommendation from last semester's english professor. She agreed to write it and I sent her the address to UT, resume, and my reasons for wanting to transfer plus what I plan to do after college. After sending all of this she said she would get on it asap, but after that I never heard from her again. Should I call UT and ask if they ever received a letter of rec for me? I find it odd that my teacher wouldn't let me know when it was sent, especially when I gave her 2 months notice. I hope she didn't forget.

Second, my GPA first semester was 3.75 with 12 hours(3 As, 1 B). My junior year of high school I took a class at a CC in which I earned a 4.0. This transfers to both my current school and UT, but not in the GPA calculation. While I was confident with my grades before, now I am getting a little worried because its possible I might be making my first C in college. This semester I am taking 15 hours with your typical general ed classes. So far I have 4 As(english, pol. sci, history, biology) and a B in calculus. Since this B is around an 83-84, there is definitely a possibility it can drop to a C. My question here is, if I make a C in calculus, how will UT view this when I send them my new transcript? They can't make a decision until they get my spring transcript and assuming if I make the C, my gpa will be 3.675 for transfer into Liberal Arts(Economics) which will be a decrease from first semester's 3.75. How negatively will they view this and how it will it impact my chance for admissions? And last question, if I take a class or two at a community college this summer, how will that effect my transfer decision? For example say when I get my UT decision by late May/early June I decide to take economics and speech. These are typical general education classes that should transfer to UT, so if I get accepted to UT and take the classes, will they re-evaulate my application after sending a decision? And if I get accepted to UT, will the classes transfer when I send a transcript? Again sorry for the many questions!! Thanks so much for your time!

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Best Time For Me To Transfer To Ut Austin?

Postby Milap » Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:36 am

Hi Tina, Definitely definitely call UT admissions and ask if they received your letter of recommendation. I hate to say it, but professors are EXTREMELY forgetful and it is entirely possible she forgot about it. However, she may have written it and just forgotten to tell you it was finished as well. Definitely follow-up on this and find out what happened.

Secondly, the difference between a 3.75 and a 3.675 is NOTHING to freak out about. That is still PHENOMENALLY good(good enough that if you were a UT student you would get College Honors for the semester and receive special cords to wear at graduation). Go ahead and make that C! While it's certainly not preferable, it should not hurt you too much. Just calm down, relax, try to keep it at B level, but realize there's no pressure to prevent the C. Just do your best and keep trying. The biggest thing about taking community college coursework this summer is to MAKE SURE they count for actual coursework at UT Austin!!! Use this handy website UT made to be absolutely sure:(http://utdirect.utexas.edu/adtreq/search2.WBX) The worst thing that could happen is for you to get an A in your economics class, but find out later it either won't transfer or will count as "elective" credit that will not help your GPA and make you re-take the class. Once UT sends you an acceptance letter, your summer courses will NOT affect your admission decision, but you WILL need to send a final transcript to UT Austin to make sure that the hours are counted toward your degree at UT.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

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