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Being A Mountain Doctor?

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Being A Mountain Doctor?

Postby Gilmar » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:08 am

I enjoy the outdoors more than anything, and the idea of living a boring life pains me. Im in college right now and trying to decide on a direction for my career.

I have thought about the idea of pursuing medical school and becoming a doctor, possibly orthopedic because that interests me. I know that there is some place for doctors on ski resorts due to various injuries, but how great of a demand? Is it very competitive? And do you know doctors that work near ski resorts? Do they enjoy their work? Also, is the pay any different?

Thanks for the help!
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Being A Mountain Doctor?

Postby acher » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:03 pm

I hope your grades are really good because getting into medical school is extremely competitive. Ski areas have more injuries related to knees, ACL injuries, snowboarders have ankle and wrist injuries, so yes, there is a demand for orthopedic physicians. That said, a lot of injuries can be stabilized and patients may often choose to have the corrective surgery done nearer to where they live, rather than near the ski resort, where often, they are on vacation. However you may have enough business from the locals. The pay really depends on the area you are in, if it's more rural, like Maine or Montana, will be lower than Aspen or Vail, CO or Mammoth, CA, or Hunter Mtn, NY.

Physicians are subject to emergencies, long hours, especially if you are doing emergency surgeries; running an office requires a good office staff to handle patient appointments, billing insurance companies, and then there's the costs of medical school to the cost of malpractice insurance.

You can locate yourself anywhere you want after you get the appropriate license, you have to pass the state's exam, but your residency may determine where you eventually practice. Those highly preferable sites are probably the most difficult to get.
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