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Bally E-series

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Bally E-series

Postby Bjorn » Wed Aug 24, 2016 4:46 pm

Good day,

I acquired an e-series machine that is in pieces but it seems all there and I got parts from a second one with it. This is my first machine but I have been fixing pinball machines for a while now so I am not a stranger to older Bally technology.

However, there are some similarities but of course it is not quite the same.  I have read and research a lot but I can't figure out if my machine is a 1000 or a 2000. The plate is missing and I believe she had had some type of upgrade because the boards have rev B written on them.

My question is related to the boards.  I don't have a big board on the left side of the reels but the boards are located below the reels.  Three small boards located beside a power supply.  One of the board has a battery etc.

I can take some pictures but I thought you may know which type it is without a picture.  The machine was custom made for a casino in Nassau if my research is right.

Thank you for your help

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Bally E-series

Postby Cornelio » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:52 am


Or: The E1 hopper board can be used in an E2 machine by moving pin 8 of the harness to pin 9, to use an E2 hopper board in an E1

move the wire from pin 9 to pin 8.

I actually prefer to just jumper those connections together so that it will work in either machine because pin 9 is not used on the E1

and pin 8 is not used on the E2

Thank You

Rodger Knutsonhttp://www.coinslots.com

Hi Gilles,

Great s, and here is some information that you will need and want to know. The e-1's or(E-1000 Series machines) were made early and first, and followed by the later e-2's or(E-2000 series machines), with the "E" standing for Electronic. Now, back then Bally used up some of the  e-1 series boards in the early e-2 machines. So, it's best to know what boards you have in you machine first before you do anything. The I.O. board on the back wall is interchangeable with the E-1's and E-2's but not the rest of the boards. The real reader boards on a e-1 are 50 volts, and the E-2's are 5 Volts. Also the hoper boards are different and not interchangeable between these two machine "EXCEPT!" A e-1 compleate hopper and a E-2 compleate hopper will interchange IF AND ONLY IF, you swap the complete hopper which includes the hopper board and the wiring, just the boards by themselves, WILL NOT interchange! There are a bunch of Bally E-Series Manuals available at this web site:http://coinslots.com/bally.html

Listed there among them, you will also find the Bally E Series Board Schematic manual, this will describe each of the boards in both machines, and you identify the boards using the boards assembly(Asy Numbers) stamped on all Bally boards to be sure just what board you have, like the E-1 50 volt and the E-2 5 volt reel reader boards, they use different assembly numbers so you can tell right away by looking in the board schematic manual just which one it is for. Now for your question: just for a quick check to see if your MPU board is a e-1 or a e-2 MPU. Look at the MPU battery, that is a Nicad battery that recharges on the MPU board, and it's a 3.6 volt AA sized battery with solder tabs. Anyway, here we go: The Battery on a E-2000 series MPU board solders directly to the MPU board. The battery on the E-1000 series MPU board solders on to a removable piggy back RAM board, and that RAM board can be removed from the MPU. So if it has a Ram board it is a E-1000 series MPU, if it doesn't have the piggy back Ram board it's a E-2000 series MPU board. A lot of Bally machine boards get screwed up and damaged by interchange them from e-1 games to e-2 games and NOT Knowing that for the most part, this is very wrong, and you can burn out all the reel reader boards by interchanging them between the e-1 and the e-2, and same with other boards. So You need to know what your doing. The best tip I have for you here Gilles, get some manuals and know your boards so you can keep your boards safe and protected. These Bally boards are getting more and more scare everyday. I have Bally E parts, so if needed, you can always get in touch with me at http://www.coinslots.com NOW for some really great information for everyone here.     My friend Dan, has just bought a N.O.S.(new old stock) Bally E series bench tester complete with everything, and a boxes of NOS IC's and other NOS parts! He is a great friend and does a lot of work updating and adding new stuff on my web site. He has even added a free slot machine data base that you can use anytime 24/7(There is a link to this data page on the fist page of web site at http://www.coinslots.com) of slot machine information, game proms, glass numbers, reel strips numbers, percentages, game kit information, and tons more being updated all the time for many different makes and models of slot machines. So, in couple of months or so we just might have a new, and I think the only one now, Bally "E" Series Board repair guy again! Keep an eye on my web site for information regarding this and when he is up to speed for repairing Bally E boards, and he has all this equipment in place, at his ready, and has educated himself on the use of the "E" testing equipment and then he will be ready to do repairs and keep our great "E" machines running. I myself, am very excited about this, and I am really happy I was able to find this equipment for him, and talk him into going into this full time.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Thank You

Rodger Knutsonhttp://www.coinslots.com  
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