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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Unemployment Insurance and Employment Discussion

Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Telfor » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:28 am

What kind on people do we have in the House now? I hope that the lunatic fringe is happy about electing nuts who'd like to take this country back a 100 years. What do the GOP see as unconstitutional?

Outsourcing jobs and closing factories is OK, but unemployment benefits (unless you are the wife of a Republican Senator) are unconstitutional.

Forcing people to pay for health care (not totally true) is unconstitutional, but forcing them to pay for car or mortgage insurance isn't.

Forcing business owners to provide goods and services to groups of people they don't like is unconstitutional.

Laws protecting children from forced labor is unconstitutional.

The party that lacks compassion, humanity and morals is now the majority in the House of Representatives. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/ask;_y... http://maddowblog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/20... http://alaskadispatch.com/dispatches/pol...


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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Blyth » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:30 pm

Baby, you must have full coverage while paying a car loan or liability if the car is paid off. I guess if you think borrowing a car from someone as opposed to owning one due to insurance premiums is better - OK.

If you want to buy a home, mortgage insurance must be paid. Who cares about the reason, if it's unconstitutional to force health insurance premiums on people, it should be for car and mortgage insurance also.

Did you look at any of the links?
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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Bardric » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:01 pm

WOW, so now the Republicans are the big bad boogie man?

Unemployment - the GOP was against extending benefits without paying for them up front. In other words, just make sure you're not robbing Peter to pay Paul and don't take the budget add this measure and another $10Billion in pork barrel spending and not know where the money is coming from. BTW - the GOP has ALWAYS supported extension of Unemployment in the past if its paid for upfront.

Forcing people to pay for health insurance is not a Federal issue it's a State issue. We live in a Federalist Government - meaning the State's rights prevail. Its the State that requires auto insurance and its the lenders that require mortgage insurance not the Federal Government. If the States required Health Insurance that would a horse of another color.

A business has the right to refuse service to ANYONE as long as its not based on color, religion, ethnicity or race. Want to be a jerk, they can refuse you service. Want to debase other customers or otherwise be a pain, you can be refused service.

I don't understand the Child Labor laws as it was during GOP rule that the laws regarding workplace rules were passed = overtime, service employee rights and yes, child labor laws.

As to lacking compassion it was the old version of the GOP (Tory's) that wanted all men to be created equal to include blacks, women and other races. The Democrats from the South prevented this from being included. It was the GOP (Abe Lincoln's party) that freed the slaves. It was the GOP that passed laws that outlawed Jim Crow laws. But the Democrats from the South didn't want any of theses enacted. Thank God LBJ was an enlightened Democrat.

YOU, my friend need to read your history books and understand what's not being said when you hear that the GOP is blocking legislation.
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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Klint » Sat Sep 30, 2017 5:45 pm

Chase - Certain GOP members feel the government should stop providing unemployment insurance, even though we pay so that it will be there if it's needed. They have people like you believing that paying for it up front is important. It wasn't a concern when they fought for tax cuts for the highest 2% of wage earners. We're borrowing the money to pay for those from China. Hey, why did the "Pay As You Go Bill" pass without help from the Republicans?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

That Republican politician feels that if business owners do not want blacks, or any other minorities, in their establishment they shouldn't be forced to.

Don't ask me why Tea Party Senator, Mike Lee, believes that child labor laws are unconstitutional. Did you know that the Republicans voted against equal pay for women? They also want to help the banks and Wall Street by relieving them of regulatory burdens.
Don't you feel sorry for all of those rich guys? They have a list of pro-business /
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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Deverril » Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:00 am

What they hell are you talking about?
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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Raylen » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:44 am

If you are one of those people that found a way "in", then you could change any rule to suit yourself, give yourself raises, work a position without working, promote each other to eliminate competing factions, etc.
The founding fathers would cringe to see anything bipartisan.
Especially George Washington.
The US government does not have the public interest at heart.
Only it's own self interest.
To promote and pass a health bill that no one has read in its' entirety is criminal.
Not many businesses allow their staff or personnel to write blank checks that others have to imburse.
It's all trivial, isn't it?
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Are Child Labor Laws Unconstitutional?

Postby Nayati » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:24 pm

Outsourcing and closing factories, perhaps you should look at what the government's imposed to send those jobs overseas.

Unemployment; A worker pays into it, they're entitled to it.
Extension after extension is unsustainable.
As another poster said, the GOP's only argument against such extensions was that they should find the funds and have them in hand before going forward.

Insurance, you only pay car and mortgage insurance if a car you own is in operation or have a mortgage.
What's the alternative for health care, one has it or can't live?

Neither of the examples you give are government mandated.
One, personally, does not have to be insured to drive a car.
One can borrow a car, and as long as it's insured by somebody they're good to go.
Doing so regularly is likely to be a violation of the policy, but that's between the policy holder and their agent, not the government.
Mortgage or homeowners insurance? One doesn't by law have to have a mortgage, and the only time one is required to have homeowners insurance is while their paying their house off, and that requirement comes from the bank.
The bank has the right to see their collateral protected.
Once it's yours you can risk all and skip the premium.

No one is pushing for anti-discrimination laws to be repealed.
Business have the right to refuse service to anyone for reasons outside of the protected classes.

Child labor; I believe the argument posed is that it should be handled at a state and not the federal lever.
The fact the labor laws aren't an enumerated power of Congress supports that argument.


Like many homeowners I don't pay primary mortgage insurance. I chose not to put down less than twenty percent when obtaining my mortgage.
As I said, it cannot be imposed on me unless I choose for it to.

Car insurance requirements are set at the state level.
Just because every state requires insurance doesn't mean there's a federal force ordering them to do so.
I own a car, I pay full coverage despite it being paid off.
That's not the point, I choose to pay for the insurance through *my decision* to own a car.
NOT being forced on me.
If I lived in New York City, I wouldn't own one. Liability insurance is to make sure that cars damaged in an accident that wasn't their fault are compensated.
My health, affects no one other than myself and my finances.

All forms of insurance one may be "required" to have stem from his choice to own, possess, or use something.
So I pose the question again, if one doesn't want health insurance forced upon them is their alternative to not have a life?

Mike Lee has a case per the Tenth Amendment.
Chill out, children aren't going to be working around the clock.
He's simply pointing out that the laws regarding it should be up to the states.
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