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Affordable Medical Travel Insurance For Canadian!?

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Affordable Medical Travel Insurance For Canadian!?

Postby Lundy » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:25 pm

I've used Travel Guard for a couple of years now when I travel.
They are the only company that I know of that does both health insurance, and insurance for luggage and other things all together. (http://www.traveIguard.com)

I haven't seriously looked at Blue Cross in a long time.
They have a good reputation, but I have no idea about the price.
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Affordable Medical Travel Insurance For Canadian!?

Postby calhoun47 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:58 pm

In Canada, every province runs it is possess process. But, there may be Federal investment, and Federal requisites that have to be met to get the investment. No Province is going fully on it is possess, as they might now not manage to pay for it with out the Federal cash. Well, they might, however the certain do not desire to! So, if you're in an extra province, on a go back and forth, the province you return from will pay, and at their charges. If the province you're in fees extra for a specific approach, you can also must pay further, however, this isn't ordinary. You are included at any place you move regardless that, at any place on this planet. Canadians pay, total, approximately one million/two of what Americans do for well being care, in line with capita. So, whilst we do pay extra in taxes, it isn't up to you would feel. We also are fitter, with longer lives, lessen boy or girl mortality price, and many others. The journey coverage you've gotten heard approximately is encouraged most often for going to the USA, as scientific bills there are a high-quality deal greater. So, whilst we do have protection there with our Provincial plans, it's going to now not pay adequate because the USA fees so a lot more. The journey coverage will pay the further required via the US process. I am now not certain what it bills; I've in no way honestly purchased it. It is not obligatory. So a ways, I've in no way gotten in poor health within the USA; anything I am very grateful for! Ambulances are exceptional in each province. Ontario has a flat $forty cost; Yukon has none. (The final two locations I lived). I am now not certain what occurs if you want an ambulance if you're in yet another province.
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