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Affordable Care Act. Some Clarification Needed?

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Affordable Care Act. Some Clarification Needed?

Postby Litton » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:28 pm

I understand the 2010 Health Care Legislation (Affordable Care Act) passed by Congress generally claims to expand health care to more people and try to control costs. Business interests and the Attorneys General of many states had challenged this law as bad policy and illegal under the U.S. Constitution. I came up with 4 questions that i needed some clearing up on.

1.The general legal dispute concerning this new law.

From what i know so far is that the dispute was about the act being unconstitutional because some congressmen said you cannot regulate commerce. Am i on the right path here?

2. Why is this law being challenged.?

In my opinion the law seems like its being challenged because people feel its unconstitutional.

3) Which provisions of the U. S. Constitution were at the center of this legal dispute.?

This question i came up with out of curiosity but cant find an answer.

4) What was the basis for Chief Justice Roberts' decision upholding the legality of this law? Why was Justice Roberts' decision seen as controversial by some critics?

I read alot about roberts but couldnt find anything about his decision which i found was odd. and i have checked the times, forbes, wall street journal and others.

If i could get some more clarification on this act and these question that would be great. Found this to be an interesting topic and decided to look into it more. just need some extra help.
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Affordable Care Act. Some Clarification Needed?

Postby telutci30 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:49 am

1. No not even close.

2. That is exactly why it was challenged. And had the cost involved not been considered a tax by the court it would have been struct down.

3. The requirement to buy insurance or pay a penalty was the biggy. The court ruled on 3 other parts of the law and found one of them unconstitutional.

4. He and 4 of the other justices ruled the penalty as a tax which made it legal.
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Affordable Care Act. Some Clarification Needed?

Postby Fletch » Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:24 am

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