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Advice On Being An International Transfer Student?

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Advice On Being An International Transfer Student?

Postby Montay » Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:10 am

I'm currently a high-school senior in Kenya. My post-secondary plans is to do first year here and then transfer to a reputable Canadian institution in 2nd year, preferably Western Ontario. I want to do this because funds are currently low so I cannot leave just yet, the courses in Economics that I want to pursue aren't offered at my Uni here and I want to experience a life outside of the country.

What would your advice be for me? I'm 100% ready to apply myself wherever I am and in whatever I do but to be honest I have that drive to leave.
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Advice On Being An International Transfer Student?

Postby Searlas » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:49 am

Few schools take international students as transfer students and give credit for university courses already taken.
Serious problems crop up with equivalency of courses.
Entirely possible you'd have to start from scratch, so that's a waste of time & money.

What makes you think your financial situation will seriously improve in one year anyway? Canada's cost of living is pretty high, even in a lower-cost area such as western Ontario.
If proof of sufficient funds for all school + living expenses (including health insurance), plus return transportation to your country of citizenship, is going to be a problem, it does not look like your plan is going to do your limited budget any good.
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