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Adult Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!!?

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Adult Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!!?

Postby Melborn » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:38 pm

I miss child and teenage years. I never appreciated then, I was so ignorant and I didn't appreciate how easy things were. I didn't have to pay any bills, I was living at home, school was fun, everything was just great. I thought getting an assignment or test was all hard, its nothing compared to the sh!t I go through now. I'd have to say 12th grade was the best year in school. I got to see the girl I liked every single day. I ran on the track and cross country team and kicked butt. I had a car but my parents were paying for it. I was too dumb to appreciate the ease. When I graduated in May 2011, that whole summer was chill. I kicked back and hung out with my buddies. Then I decided to move out in late August of last year and get a job at a hardware store. I got the job fast because I worked there the summer between 11-12 grade. Then I quit for my senior year and decided to go back again.
Only it was a much worse experience. The boss is such a power tripper. He gets pissed off about everything! He chews me out about the stupidest things. He even screams and shouts at me. Its so powerful that you can't do anything but put your hands in your pockets and take it. There's a guy there named Chad who bullies me around. He pushes me around, blames everything on me and shoves me. There's a guy named Mike who almost beat me up. Chad and Mike threatened treat me like I'm dumb. There are other workers there how bully me around and push me but not nearly as bad as Chad and Mike. The main boss is the king of bullies. He does the same things, only verbally. Anyways, I live with my brother and his wife and their kids in a small dingy house infested with bugs and mice. I'm working ten hour shifts, mon-fri, and working six hours every Saturday and I only get Sunday off. I've been so f******* miserable for so many months. I can't find a job anywhere. I've been extremely depressed. My life is hell. My mom won't let me move back in until I find another job. I'm stuck!!!!! I hate it! I feel like a prisoner!!! I'm tired of being bullied around at age 19. I'm tired of being treated like a slave and having to kiss @ss and walk on eggshells all damn day! I'm barely getting by and I'm responsible for all my food, insurance, and everything. My life has been extremely uncomfortable. I hardly even got to celebrate the holidays this last year either. I got pulled over for accidentally making a mistake and the cop chewed me out solidly and gave me a $190 fine. That just killed my income, it happened a few weeks ago and since then I've really been struggling. I miss teenage life! I miss high school. I miss seeing the girl I like every day,being around my friends, being free. It was paradise! I can't believe how bad my whole life sucks now! I'm incredibly lonely too. My whole life revolves around that damn job. I also struggle with depression and its gotten worse, especially with the bad weather. Now, for you adolescents out there reading this, don't think that just because my life sucks after high school means yours will. Everybody is different. I was too dumb and decided to move out when I wasn't ready. Think twice before you make a big decision!
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Adult Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!!?

Postby Thornley » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:11 pm

OMG! You're such a baby. I'm twenty two years old and I had a job I didn't like, I also had to pay for every damn thing and the work environment sucked @ss, but I didn't get on the internet and rampage about it. It just shows you need to get a life. Life is going to be a lot harder buddy, you're not longer a baby sucking mom's boobs, get over it! Suck it up for crying out loud.

Oh and by the way, I'm surprised they hired you in the first place. I can tell just by reading this that you're a total retard. No wonder you're having such a hard time, your parents sugarcoated everything and you didn't get out your parent's protective bubble until now. If you hate life now, you're definitely going to hate it the older you get. Sorry buddy, don't feel bad for ya
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Adult Life Sucks!!!!!!!!!!?

Postby Terron » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:22 pm

At 19, it's your life and your choice. You are not obligated to anyone but yourself. You choose where you stay, who you stay with; what you'll tolerate, etc. You're free to go, do and be as you choose. If you choose to stay in the situation, you have nothing to complain about.

Personal accountability and responsibility ... enjoy it!
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