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Adopting a welfare program..?

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Adopting a welfare program..?

Postby tadeo » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:59 pm

please help me on couple of questions. i'm stuck and I'm not really good understanding about liberals conservatives and moderates - also I'm not very good at voting and such as that. but thanks for helping out!

1) adopting a welfare programs that would help fund better health insurance for low income families would be most likely to be supported by
a - liberals
b - conservatives
c - moderates
d - republicans
e - those with a bachelors degree.

2) women
a - have always outvoted men
b - won the right to vote with the ratification of the 14th amendment
c - currently make up a majority of the U.S electorate
d - have always voted at a lower rate than men
e - won the right to vote with the ratification of the 22nd amendment

3) the united states holds ______ elections as most other western democracies
a - half as many
b - two - thirds the number of
c - approximately the same number of
d - one-fifth the number of
e - twice as many

4) potential voters may now register by ____ in some jurisdictions
a - iphone
b - home telephone
c - credit card
d - email
e - going to other precincts

thank you so much for your help!
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Adopting a welfare program..?

Postby jud73 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:01 pm

I tried google for the answers to no avail. Sorry.
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