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U/s 279/337 Ipc Notice U/s 133 Mv Act?

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U/s 279/337 Ipc Notice U/s 133 Mv Act?

Postby Doogan » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:53 pm

U/s 279/337 IPC Notice U/s 133 MV Act

I work as UDC in Government School at Delhi.

On 15th Dec 12 Saturday; I had given my scooter for servicing to the local mechanic near my school premises. He had taken the scooter for servicing from the school premises and told he will service it on 16th Dec 12 Sunday, so that I could take it back on 17th Dec 12 Monday.

I visited the shop on 17th Dec 12 Monday, to inquire about my scooter, I was unable to find my scooter or the concerned mechanic who took my scooter. I asked the shop owner about my scooter, I was told it is yet to be serviced and I will get it on 18th Dec 12 Tuesday.

But, for my shock of my life I got a call from Nangloi Police Station on 18th Dec 12 Tuesday 11:00 am, the scooter had met with an accident. I immediately rushed to Police Station and told I had given the scooter for servicing to the mechanic on 15th Dec 12 Saturday.

On16th Dec 12 Sunday 10:00 pm, the mechanic had driven the vehicle on wrong side and had hit a motorcycle guy and he was seriously injured and was admitted in ICU, and the mechanic had ran away from scene of accident site leaving my scooter, and was not traceable since 2 days.

On 19th Dec 12, he surrounded before the Police and given a written acceptance that the scooter had been given by me for servicing on 15th Dec 12, and he had hit the Motorcycle guy. The police also conducted his MLC from Govt Hospital as he was also injured in Forehead.

Police also took my statement that I had given the scooter for servicing to the mechanic on 15th Dec 12 and at the time of accident the vehicle was in possession of mechanic.


1. If the mechanic holds a valid driving l/c and if the mechanic doesn?t have any valid driving L/c in both the scenario what penalty would be imposed on me, buy court.

2. The notice been issued to me U/s 279/337 IPC Notice U/s 133 MV Act and not to the mechanic

3. The police had taken my original R/c and Insurance Policy with them (they had given an acknowledgement for this)

4. Whether, I will be asked to bear the expenses of the Motorcycle guy who was seriously injured by the wrongful act of mechanic

5. What maximum penalty the court would impose on me for not doing any wrong, only thing my scooter is involved in accident.

6. What is the procedure to get my scooter released from the police station?
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U/s 279/337 Ipc Notice U/s 133 Mv Act?

Postby Boise » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:50 pm

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